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    We’re a community of empowered female entrepreneurs and businesswomen. We share our experience, strength, struggles and triumphs with each other. We’re The Professionistas. Welcome!

    The Professionistas is the brainchild of Lena Requist, COO of ONTRAPORT. Lena has been an advisor for countless startups and has a unique talent for turning businesses into multi-million dollar companies. She wants to share her years of experience working with CEOs and entrepreneurs with other women, as well as give them a chance to share with her and each other.

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  • Contributors

    Lena - Chief Operating Officer
    ONTRAPORT COO and Women in Business founder Lena Requist brings her incredible business and management acumen to each of her endeavors. Lena established herself as a powerful force in business before joining ONTRAPORT as COO in 2009. Read more...
    Rochelle - VP of Client Services
    Rochelle Yoshida brings over fifteen years of customer service, marketing, sales and public relations experience to Women in Business. Read more...
    Sara - Director of Operations
    ONTRAPORT Director of Operations Sara Tillotson is an operational wizard. Straight out of the University of California, Santa Barbara, Sara was launched into the role of Director of Sales and Marketing for fashion line Karanina and Tamsen. Read more...
    Eli - Entrepreneur
    Eli Davidson is a self-taught, self-published writer and global thought leader who’s now an international best-selling author of and winner of 3 national book awards for “Funky To Fabulous”. Her expert advice has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, Dr. Phil’s “Decision House,” ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, as well as The New York Times, SELF Magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens. Eli is also a featured columnist with The Huffington Post reaching 21 million readers. Read more...
    Sheevaun - Entrepreneur
    Sheevaun Moran is a highly regarded speaker, spiritual teacher and entrepreneur. This expert and teacher has produced transformational CDs and is the author of the latest book Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes, for the Lazy, Crazy, and Time Deficient as well as the host of the popular radio program Master Your Energy, Master Your Life!
    Lena West - Entrepreneur
    Lena L. West is the leading expert on how women entrepreneurs can monetize social media. She is also the Founder of InfluenceExpansion.com, the home of the Influence Expansion Academy, the only social media mastermind program created specifically for women entrepreneurs. Read more...

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