Abuse Desk

ONTRAPORT sends millions of emails every day – for marketing, newsletters, invoices and receipts, account logins, product delivery and more – on behalf of thousands of clients. As a member of the email management community, ONTRAPORT is committed to our no-tolerance spam policy. This policy affects you, so it’s worth reading!

What is SPAM?

Defining spam can be a little tricky. There’s a legal definition as defined by the U.S. CAN-SPAM act of 2003. Abiding by that definition will help you avoid jail and federal fines... but it won't help you get your messages delivered to the inbox. To get your messages into the inbox, you’ll have to abide by the definition set by the email industry itself: If it’s unsolicited, it’s spam.

So let’s get a little more specific:
ONTRAPORT email policy is that we only send permission-based email; in other words, you are only permitted to send email to contacts that have specifically requested to receive content from you. This means they either filled out a form on your site and clearly knew they would be getting follow-up emails from you, or they otherwise specifically requested to be added to your list. For example, cards from a fishbowl at a conference are O.K. if the fishbowl CLEARLY lets people know they’re signing up to receive emails from you, not if it says ‘drop your card to win a free iPad!’

A Warning

If your contacts did not opt-in on your website, or otherwise specifically give you permissions to email them, you may not add their e-mail addresses to ONTRAPORT. This means that if you rented or purchased a list of ‘opt-in leads’ or got a list of names and emails from your Chamber of Commerce, etc., YOU MAY NOT email them from our system. Doing so will result in the cancellation of your account immediately. Of course, these rules apply only to email, not postcards. Using postcards is a great way to build your e-mail list… send leads a card, direct them to a landing page, offer something of value as a bonus for signing up to your list, and then follow up with your nice, clean opted-in list


Need to Report Spam?