Marie Forleo Breaks Into a New Niche

Marie Forleo Breaks Into a New Niche

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Marie Forleo exudes an unmistakable energy. You can’t help but feel galvanized in her presence. It’s in her nature to fire people up; she has a gift for inspiring. But make no mistake — her career wasn’t handed over on a platter.

Some years back, Marie came to a crossroads that would ultimately decide the course of her entrepreneurial life. It was between a dream job at Vogue and the nebulous world of life coaching — she chose the latter.

Infused with an exuberant, hip-hop dance flair, she empowers eager entrepreneurs with her world-famous B-School business training program and weekly web series MarieTV. We were fortunate enough to spend a few hours in Marie’s neck of the woods, the heart of NYC, to get a glimpse behind the eyes of the woman who’s sweeping the entrepreneurial world into a mania.

Today, ruling a wildly successful empire with an impressive fan following, the dazzling thought leader automates her business with ONTRAPORT.

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Marie Forleo Breaks Into a New Niche
Marketing expert and life coach Marie Forleo is paving the way for women entrepreneurs. See how Marie uses ONTRAPORT to automate her business.
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