A Soulful Empowered Woman

A Soulful Empowered Woman

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For every ten male entrepreneurs, seven women take that leap of faith to start their own business (in contrast, women make up a piddly 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs). We’re always excited to see a woman taking on the challenge of starting a business. We talked with ONTRAPORT client Laura Mazza, founder of Soulful Empowered Women, about what inspires her and how her Argentinian heritage and background as a mental health clinician led her to create a booming coaching business.

What drove you to launch your business, Soulful Empowered Women?

There I was, at a business event with my husband, when he asked me: “How do feel about having a private practice?”

At the time, I was working at a mental health clinic as a supervisor and clinician guiding people to healthier and happier lives. I was satisfied with my work… most of the time. Yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more.

My husband’s question made me really think about my path, wondering: “What do I really want?”

I suddenly knew that I wanted to have a bigger impact and share my journey: what I’ve learned as a Latina woman, the challenges I’ve overcome. I knew that other women felt blocked and restricted because of their culture and personal histories. I wanted to transform these women.

Since that point, it has been a journey — one full of twists and turns and plenty of mistakes and learning. Every day I my Mission becomes clearer. I created a brilliant business inspired by my Soul-Calling. Every day I guide brilliant and talented people to re-connect with themselves and break free from the blocks that keep them from having the impact and wealth they desire. I love every minute of it!

What was your biggest mistake? What would you tell our readers NOT to do?

The biggest mistake I made in my business was to not stay in contact with potential clients and JV partners. I know it has cost me tons of money and I have learned that in order to grow my business I need to establish and develop relationships, which takes time and dedication. It’s a lesson worth passing on.

By the way, ONTRAPORT made this much easier, as I now have my prospects and JV partners organized, making it much easier to stay in touch!

How has your business evolved?

As a Coach, I started with 1:1 clients and progressed to group programs — which I totally LOVE. I then developed products from the programs I created, and now I lead transformational experience groups in a much more efficient and productive way.

Tell us about the technology that has helped you grow your business.

Honestly, ONTRAPORT keeps me in touch and connected with my clients as well as prospects. It’s helped me create product launches offering my programs, and products leading to fabulous sales. Not only that, I love that now that everything is all set up I can tweak dates and I re-run launches with ease!

Who is your entrepreneurial idol?

Margaret M. Lynch has been an awesome friend, coach and mentor to me. I feel honored and privileged to have met her. She inspires me with her authenticity, and vulnerability. She’s brilliant, bold and absolutely fabulous!

What gets you up and to work every morning?

My fabulous students and clients; they remind me every day that I’m on the right path. When I feel discouraged by some technology not working, or a project gets complicated, I just need to read an email, a comment on one of my videos or a testimonial to remember that I have to do this, and that my work is really impacting people.

What fuels your creativity?

I feel inspired by my clients and by the response I get when I share my stories, not just the successes but the “so-called failures.” I know that we are all in this journey called life – and we inspire and guide each other. I am just a drop in the ocean and thrilled that as I fall the ripples impact others.

How has your business transformed you personally?

It took me a while to realize that consistency and patience can pay off much more than bursts of energy followed by inaction…

I was told several times: “Start at the beginning, be consistent and keep at it. Don’t get discouraged, or disappointed if something does not turn out the way you’d like to at first… Be patient and you’ll be rewarded.”

Patience is not one of my virtues and I had to learn that sometimes things take time. It’s been a very empowering and fulfilling journey, full of amazing growth.

What does your spouse do? How has that affected you?

My husband is a fabulous and brilliant entrepreneur himself. He was the one who invited me into the world of entrepreneurialism. He’s my biggest fan, supporter and mentor! He is living his mission and together we are creating something extraordinary!

Coffee or tea? Beer or wine?

Rooibos tea, I don’t need the caffeine… And how about a piña colada or a margarita? Of course, I’d like to drink those while in the Cayman Islands…That’s more like it for me!

Where and when do you work?

I work at my home office, I love the commute! I work from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. and if there’s a project in the making – a launch or a live event coming up – I work as much as I need to make it happen, loving every minute of it and celebrating like crazy when it’s done.


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