Turn Your Wordpress Site Into a Profitable Membership Site

Turn Your WordPress Site Into a Profitable Membership Site
Manage All of Your Content, All in One Place
Take your business online

Establish your business as an industry thought leader with a data-driven, high-converting and easily manageable online presence. Whether you have an existing WordPress website or are looking to build one, you can simply link it to your Ontraport account to easily share your valuable content with the world and manage it from a single account.

Create a passive and recurring revenue stream by guarding your content inside a members-only WordPress site so that you can stop trading hours for dollars.


Build strong relationships with customers through engagement on your site to create an interactive community around your brand.

Easy to Maintain
Assign membership levels to your site users with Ontraport’s PilotPress plugin. Automatically grant or revoke access to your website and password-protect your content with just a few clicks.
Generate passive income with a members-only website 

Use our membership integrations to protect your online content and generate revenue through subscription membership sites. With a members-only site, you can:

Integrate with membership and learning platforms to create premium members-only sites and seamlessly sync them with your Ontraport account.

Protect your content based on membership levels that you designate so you can control who sees what.

Use automation to grant or revoke access to specific membership levels so you don’t have to spend time updating them yourself.

Add gorgeous landing pages and web forms to any WordPress site   

Create custom landing pages using Ontraport Pages, our powerful and comprehensive web page builder, and then easily host them on your WordPress site for free. With the Ontraport Pages Plugin for WordPress you can:

Display your custom-built landing pages on any WordPress site to quickly add new online content without the technical hurdles.

Choose from our library of professionally designed page templates and effortlessly build a web page for any occasion in minutes.

Seamlessly add your web forms to any page on your WordPress site to automatically capture information and sync it to your contact records in Ontraport.

Easily integrate Ontraport with your existing WordPress site  

Our PilotPress plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate your WordPress site with your Ontraport account so that you can manage your online presence all in one place, using the power of automation. Our plugin offers:

Accurate and in-depth tracking so you always know who is visiting your sites, which pages they’re spending time on, and what content they’ve viewed.

An Affiliate Center where your partners can log in to view the sales and commissions that they generate to help them better promote your business.

A Customer Center where users can view their purchase history and invoices and alter their own account settings to remove simple tasks from your customer service load.

Are You Ready?

Create a profitable membership site today with Ontraport.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of membership sites?

Some easily recognizable membership site names include Amazon Prime, Netflix, Facebook, and LinkedIn Learning. A membership site is a website containing premium content to which customers subscribe. If a website has a login and password, you can pretty safely assume it’s a membership site. Membership site content often comes in the form of training or educational courses, resources on a specific topic, community forums where like-minded individuals connect, or specific discounts and perks.

What are some membership websites that make money?

Here are some great examples of successful, profitable membership sites. Running a membership site allows you to stop trading hours for dollars and start earning a (relatively) passive, recurring cash flow. They’re a scalable alternative to single-purchase digital or physical products.

What are the best membership site ideas?

If you’re passionate about a topic, there’s a good chance other people around the world are too. Depending on what you’re an expert in and if there’s an audience for what you’re offering, you can create the best membership site in your niche. Some ideas include: support groups, online music classes, cooking classes, insider financial trading tips, business-building strategies, video streaming, and digital personal training. Still not sure how to piece it all together and present your membership site content? Use this to develop your ideas into fruition.

What are some membership site platforms?

When you’re selecting your membership site software, there are two main categories to consider: sites built with WordPress and plugins and sites built on a standalone membership platform. Learn more here.