Create a Profitable Referral
​​​​​​​Partner Program

​​​​​​​Old School Word-of-Mouth Marketing — Reinvented 
Create a Profitable Referral Partner Program
Generate more sales with referral partners 

Drive revenue with referral partners who hit the pavement to generate web traffic, leads and sales for you with Ontraport’s partner management tools. Partner programs (commonly referred to as referral marketing) allow designated partners to receive commissions for helping your company generate sales, leads and traffic. Ontraports partner management system allows you to easily track the revenue generated by your referrals.


Effortlessly create and manage your own referral program with our all-in-one system to bring in prospects and customers, without even trying.

Build a trusted partner force who generate traffic and sales for you so that you close more sales without spending more on marketing.

Incentivize your referral partners and easily manage their commissions to boost your customer retention rates and create a customer base of loyal clients.
Effortlessly track your referral partners’ results  

With Ontraport’s built-in partner tracking tools, you can easily keep track of new contacts, leads and sales that your partners are generating for you. Our partner tracking tools include:

Tracking scripts that are automatically included on all of your pages so you don’t have to worry about manually placing them

Automatically generated (and tracked) promo tools for partners including banners, lightboxes, links and emails to make promoting your products easy

Sales reports that break down the total sales generated by each partner so it’s easy to see who is getting the most results

Manage your partnerships with Ontraport’s Pilotpress plugin for WordPress 

Create a WordPress-hosted partner center where your referral partners can view their traffic, sales and commissions. With the PilotPress plugin you can:

Automatically generate your partner center upon activation of the plugin so you don’t need to hire a developer.

Host partner promotional tools with individual tracking information - all in one place - to make it easy for partners to use.

Link your partner center to your Ontraport account to automate the management of partner communication and payments.

Store all your referral partners’ data in one place   

Easily manage and track your partner commissions and payments through Ontraport’s built-in partner management system so you can view all the information you need in one place.  With Ontraport, you can:

Automatically send emails to your partners regarding payments so they immediately know when they have earned a commission.

View all partner sales and payments in one place so you never have to dig through your records to know where your partners stand.

Export a PayPal MassPay CSV and upload directly into PayPal to save you time.

Are you ready?

Create a partner program that will drive traffic and increase sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a referral partner program?

Referral programs, also known as partner programs, are a way for you to incentivize customers to spread the word about your product or service. In many cases, these programs involve paying a commission to brand advocates for helping generate sales for your business. By launching a referral partner program for your business, you’re extending your reach well beyond your own circle of influence to obtain quality leads from trusted sources.

How can I get started with my own referral partner program?

Creating and managing your own referral partner program is easy with Ontraport’s built-in partner management tools. All you need is an Ontraport Pro account or higher, an order form and sales page with Ontraport tracking installed, and to complete a few quick set-up steps.

How can I grow my company’s referral partners network?

There are several ways you can grow your referral network, but incentivizing your partners and potential partners is at the top of the list. You can do this by putting together promo tools and training, setting up milestone bonuses, giving creative rewards, gamifying with badges and leaderboards, engaging your partner community in a Facebook group, and more

Create a partner program that will drive traffic and increase sales.