We are focused on creating a culture of quality in which everything that we produce, in every single department, is of the highest quality possible.
Our Mission

To support entrepreneurs in delivering their value to the world by removing the burden of technology. We deliver on that mission by creating software for, offering services to and educating the entrepreneurial community.

At ONTRAPORT, our goal is to create a brand experience that resonates and creates real energy for people around why we do what we do, while also being an authentic representation of who we are. ONTRAPORT is a group of people running a business (who we are) and a platform (what we do), but it’s the brand (why we are here) that creates the emotions that resonate with people. Software is what we sell — supporting entrepreneurs is why we sell it.

Our brand promise is that we make the experience for entrepreneurs more enjoyable, streamlined and efficient. ONTRAPORT creates a reliable and safe platform built on trust and technical expertise. It’s grounded in an authentic human voice and fueled by a spirit of entrepreneurial energy.

Our Voice

From email newsletters to blogs to website content to Facebook Community posts, ONTRAPORT is in constant written communication with our leads and clients. We’re committed to representing the ONTRAPORT brand in each of these communications — every word we write is an opportunity to showcase our organization’s personality and deliver content that matters to our clients.

We love the individual personalities of each of our amazing team members, but our goal is to ensure that all of our written content reflects the ONTRAPORT voice. So we’ve honed in on the core qualities that serve as the foundation to our voice


There are four traits that make up our written communication brand. They are infused into each email, blog post, forum post, sales article — basically if it’s in writing, it must reflect these traits.

ONTRAPORT wants to see entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses, and we’re proud to be an organization that empowers them to do so. Our energetic tone and active language reflect that passion. Our writing is always positive; we’re here to motivate and inspire.
We’re our clients' biggest supporters; we care deeply about their professional success and personal happiness. We show them how much we care through warm, inclusive language. Our clients are part of the ONTRAPORT family, and we treat them as such. Did we mention we’re funny? We’re serious about our clients’ businesses, but that doesn’t mean we don’t laugh with them!​​​​​​
We are a friend to our clients, conversational and approachable. We always want to convey that there is a real person writing each piece of content. We are never exaggerated and silly and never slick or stodgy. We warmly engage our readers in a conversation rather than talking at them. 
ONTRAPORT is a trusted resource, providing entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed. We are a safe and secure platform which our clients trust with their businesses and livelihoods. We want to convey that we are worthy of our clients’ trust, so we use assured and confident language, that of a reliable mentor.
Our Values

Our nine ONTRAPORT values also serve to represent and reflect our brand, as they are guidelines for how we treat one another and our clients. We know that by living out these values, we will not only protect the unique employee community that we’ve built, but also enhance our relationships with clients. This is why we expect everyone who is a part of the ONTRAPORT community to abide by these values, whether they’re an employee, a referral partner, a Certified Consultant or a member of our online community.

Click below to see the way we communicate with each other in the spirit of upholding our values:

To protect and strengthen our brand, the visual communication standards should be applied to all platforms, including web and print, to achieve one cohesive image.

The Basics of the ONTRAPORT Logo

The ONTRAPORT logo uses two variations: OP Primary and OP Secondary. Primarily the logo should be used on a white background for maximum impact and clarity. In cases where the two-color logo or [ONTRA] is not appropriate (on a suitable background), the secondary logo is available for use.


The ONTRAPORT bug is to be used for the in-app experience as well as specific marketable material for existing customers. The bug is only iconic to our customers and is only acceptable for use when displaying the app or when the logo is illegible (for example: the website favicon). The bug is to only be displayed in an OP Blue (#194AD0) square.

Our Color Palette

The ONTRAPORT palette has only three rules: #19A4D0 is the core of our brand identity and should only appear when the emphasis is high, for example: CTAs. #0F283E should only be used for title text and headers while #707484 should be used for body copy.

#19A4D0 / PANTONE 901 C

R: 25        C: 75 
G: 164     M: 18
​​​​​​B: 208     Y: 8   
              K: 0

#0F283E / PANTONE 289 C

R: 15      C: 95 
G: 40     M: 79
​​​​​​B: 62      Y: 48 
               K: 53 

#209CAC / PANTONE 2220 C

R: 32       C: 78 
G: 156     M: 20
​​​​​​B: 172     Y: 30 
              K: 0

#50C0AF / PANTONE 3258 U

R: 80       C: 64  
G: 192    M: 0   
​​​​​​B: 175     Y: 39  
             K: 0

#91B961 / PANTONE 7489 C

R: 145        C: 48 
G: 185       M: 10
  ​​​​​​B: 97          Y: 80   
                K: 0

#F1A23C / PANTONE 7408 U

R: 241      C: 4  
G: 162      M: 42 
B: 60        Y: 88 
                K: 0 

#E75A7A / PANTONE 7423 C

R: 231    C: 4 
  G: 90      M: 80
​​​​​​B: 122    Y: 33
              K: 0

#E44946 / PANTONE 2034 C

R: 228     C: 5 
     G: 73       M: 87   
  ​​​​​​B: 70       Y: 75 
               K: 0

#FDD757 / PANTONE 121 C

R: 253       C: 1 
  G: 215      M: 13
    ​​​​​​B: 87         Y: 78   
                  K: 0

#5C6BC0 / PANTONE 2366 C

R: 92       C: 52 
G: 107     M: 44  
B: 192     Y: 0   
                K: 25

#707484 / PANTONE 2360 C

  R: 112     C: 15 
  G: 116     M: 12
 ​​​​​​B: 132     Y: 0  
                  K: 48

#343434 / PANTONE Black 7 C

R: 52     C: 69 
   G: 52     M: 63   
​​​​​​B: 52      Y: 62 
              K: 58
Our Typeface

Open Sans is ONTRAPORT’s primary type family and should be used whenever possible to communicate key brand messages in headlines and display copy. It’s available in multiple weights, complete with italics, but please narrow your use to “Light” through “Semi-bold” in most instances, saving “Bold” for headlines and large sizes.

HEADER 1: Size 52, Bold, ALL-CAPS / HEADER 2: Size 22, Semi-Bold / HEADER 3: Size 20, Semi-Bold, ALL-CAPS

LABEL: Size 12, Semi-Bold / CALL TO ACTION: Size 18, Semi-Bold, ALL-CAPS / LARGE BODY COPY: Size 20, Light

REGULAR BODY COPY: Size 18, Regular / QUOTE: Size 24, Light, COLOR


When it comes to our font, we should always keep hierarchy in mind. Best practice would be a four-by-four rule: Keep designs to four fonts and four different weights. *There will be exceptions to this rule.

Header Two/Subhead
Large Body Copy
Regular Body Copy

" " "
Block Quote Style Block Quote Style Block Quote Style
-Label -Label -Label
Header 3/Pre-Header

Size 20, Semi-Bold, ALL-CAPS
Line height (above Header 1): 16px

Header 3 should be used above a Header 1 or can be used throughout body copy.

Header 1

Size 52, Bold, ALL-CAPS
Line height: 52px

​​​​​​​This is the highest element on the page and should only be used with the main header and at the top of the design. All justifications are allowed and over an image is allowed.

Header 2/Subhead

Size 22, Semi-Bold
Line height: 30px
​​​​​​​Considered the subhead, the Header 2 should be used below the Header 1.

Large Body Copy & Regular Body Copy

Large: Size 20, Light / Regular: Size 18, Regular
​​​​​​​Line height: 28px
​​​​​​​Large Body Copy may be used to emphasize an introductory paragraph and should always be #0F283E. Regular Body Copy should never be capitalized to provide emphasis; it may be bolded, but limit italics. It should always be #707484.

Call to Action

Size 18, Semi-Bold, ALL-CAPS

The Call to Action button should always be OP Blue (#19A4D0) and text should be white (#FFFFFF).

Navigational Link

Size 18, Semi-Bold, ALL-CAPS
Line height (above Header 1): 16px

The Navigational Link should always be OP Blue (#19A4D0). This will be used for secondary CTAs.

Block Quote

Size 24, Light, COLOR
Line height: 34px

​​​​​​​Block Quotes can be a color from our palette other than Navy and OP Blue. Block Quotes should be centered and have one quotation mark centered above the quote and double the text size (i.e. quote is 24px and quotation is 48px).


Size 12, Semi-Bold
Line height: 18px
​​​​​​​The Label should be saved for special cases, typically for forms and also used as the author name for Block Quotes.

Our Photography

ONTRAPORT photography is human-centered and editorial. A great ONTRAPORT photo is one that documents a real moment in time, a real ONTRAPORT customer, a real entrepreneur. Our images are unvarnished, imperfect (in just the right way), and true to lives our customers are leading. They should feel they are lit by just the available light, using natural light when available. They have texture and a rich tonal range.

Image Characteristics
Champion the ONTRAPORT app and its branding. Show core product functions: using ONTRAPORT Features. 
Wide horizontal shots are the most versatile. Above all, the imagery should feel authentic.
Convey the attitude of the entrepreneur. Maintain a positive spin: happy people, smiling faces.
Use only the current ONTRAPORT app version.
Desk/office should be clean and clutter-free (but still convey the character of the entrepreneur.)
Devices should be off (screens inserted digitally in post). Devices should also be clean, streak- and dust-free. Chrome is the preferred browser.
Our Videography

Follow these guidelines when creating video for ONTRAPORT.

Appearance: player color #343434, comments disabled. Controls: autoplay enabled, controls visible on load disabled, small play button disabled, settings disabled.
The ONTRAPORT logo should always be present and locked in position on the bottom left side of the video. The ONTRAPORT bug should be one-color with a slight drop shadow when present on white. 
The lower third should be the animated version with Name and Title.
The Title Card should be branded and consistent.
The end of the video should be video-specific and always end with "An ONTRAPORT Production."

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