Ontraport is dedicated to maintaining a solid email delivery reputation so that our clients can be confident their emails are making it to their intended recipients. In addition to the work our Email Delivery team does, we also partner with 250ok so that you can be proactive about your own email delivery with seed testing. A seed test is an email sent to a list of tracked email addresses to test delivery across various devices and email clients.

Seed testing is available to all Ontraport levels and you can choose from three monthly packages. If you’d like to sign up for a 250ok account, please email postmaster@ontraport.com. Once you have your account, you can follow the steps below to get set up.



To Optimize Your Seedlist

  • Export your entire mailing list from Ontraport.
  • Log in to 250ok using the credentials provided to you by Ontraport (read and agree to their terms if this is your first login).
  • Click Inbox Informant → Optimize Seedlist.
  • Name and upload your mailing list.
  • After the list has finished processing, click View on that list.
  • Look at the makeup of your list and note the concentrations of providers (optional).
  • Click Apply Weighting to Seedlist in the top right.
  • Select the regions that you would like to include in your seed tests (we recommend selecting all the checkboxes on this page):

  • After configuring the weighting and regions in your seed list, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Seed List.

Once this is done, 250ok will automatically apply weights according to who is on your list.


To Import Your Seedlist

After optimizing your seedlist, you’ll need to import it into your Ontraport account so you can run seed tests. Here are the steps to download your seedlist from 250ok and upload it into your Ontraport account:

  • Log in to 250ok and click Inbox Informant.
  • Click Get Seedlist → Export List.
  • Open the downloaded file and re-save it as a .csv file (the file you download will be in .txt format).
  • Log in to Ontraport and follow our normal import process. Be sure that you include a unique tag on these new contacts so they can be grouped and excluded from regular mailings. Most people use a tag such as “Seed List [today’s date]” as the tag name.