If you have created well-designed or useful landing page templates that you think others would benefit from, you can share them in Ontraport’s marketplace. You can choose between selling your page or sharing it for free, and either share with all Ontraport users or individuals of your choice.
If you choose to sell your template on the marketplace, Ontraport will take care of the billing and will send you 90% of the sale price when the transaction is completed. You can also share your pages with individual Ontraport users using a link, their email or an order form. Here’s how to share your pages.



  • Create a profile in the Marketplace by clicking > Administration > Ontraport Marketplace > Profile Manager and filling in your information.
  • Click and select the page you would like to share to the marketplace.
  • From your page editor, click in the top right. Click Share with All Users or Share with Individual Users to choose who will have access to your page. 

Share with all users

This will make your page available as a template on Ontraport’s marketplace, and any account holder will be able to access it.

  • Fill in the information about your page template, including a name, description and category.
  • Choose if you would like to offer your template for free or charge for it.
    • If you choose to charge a fee, enter the price you’d like to charge in U.S. dollars. You will be paid via the paypal address you entered in your profile manager.
  • Click .
  • Approval can take a few business days. You can check on the progress by visiting > Administration > Marketplace Content Manager.

Share with individual users

Your page will not appear in Ontraport’s marketplace. Instead, you can share your templates with specific Ontraport users.

  • Follow step 1 above.
  • Select who you would like to share your page template with:
    1. Anyone with link: Generate a link that, when clicked, will give Ontraport users the opportunity to  download your page. If the user is already logged in to their account, the page will automatically download. If not, the user will be prompted to either log in to their account or create an account.
    2. Specific users: Enter the email address of Ontraport account holders you’d like to share your page template with. The email address should be the admin seat for easy installation. Please use the “anyone with link” option if you’re not sure of the user’s email address.
    3. Anyone who has purchased or subscribed to a product: Select if you would like to share your page template with contacts who have made a one-time purchase or have a subscription/payment plan.
      • Select the product a contact has purchased or is subscribed to, if you would like to sell your landing page as an asset.
        • Create a sales page or an order form, and create a product for the landing page you want to sell.
        • Select the product in your sharing options. When your form is submitted, the page will be downloaded into their account.
        • To ensure pages are properly shared, it is important that the email address used on the order form matches the login email of a user in the account that is purchasing your template.  

To stop sharing pages

  • Go to > Administration > Marketplace Content Manager.
    1. Select your shared page from the content manager, and click .
    2. Go to the page, click the share icon and switch sharing off.