Split testing is a way of running an experiment to compare multiple versions of a page to determine which one brings the best results. Typically, you will change just one element of the page — the headline, an image, the CTA button, etc. — across multiple versions so that you can accurately assess the reason one page might “win” over another.

Once you publish the pages, Ontraport will automatically show different page visitors different versions of the page, evenly distributing the traffic among all your versions.

  • While viewing your page in the Ontraport Pages editor screen, click on the box in the upper right with the letters A/B inside it, then toggle it on.
  • Your original page is automatically assigned version A in the split test. Click the add new button and select to either make a copy of your original page (which you’ll then edit to create another version to test) or create a new page. The first additional page you add is automatically version B in the split test. You can add version C and D by repeating the steps above.
  • To edit your versions for your split test, simply select which version you want to edit from the dropdown, make your changes, and click the blue save button.
  • To view the results of your split test after the pages have been live for a bit, click the the stats tabtab at the top of your screen.
  • If you decide to delete any of the versions, click on the A/B icon, make sure that split testing is toggled on, and click the trash can next to the version you wish to delete.