Ontraport offers various methods to view your landing page performance, such as the number of visitors a page has received or the percentage of visitors who engaged with your call to action.

Tracking is built into Ontraport Pages and WordPress sites integrated with PilotPress; you don’t need to add code or scripts to track them and view their performance.

3 Ways to View Landing Page Stats

  • To view the stats for all your landing pages at once, click the pages tab in the main navigation. You’ll see a list of all your landing pages along with stats, such as unique visits and conversion percentages.
  • To view stats for an individual page, open the page and click on the stats tab at the top of your screen.
  • To view stats for a page within an automated campaign, go to Campaigns, select the campaign, and turn on Performance Mode. On your campaign map, elements for Landing Page Visited will display the number of visitors and the conversion rate. This number will populate in real time.