Ontraport’s Metrics Dashboard allows you to create a personalized display of all measurable stats in your Ontraport accounts. You can set up sales reports to gauge the status of your sales team’s progress toward quotas, business reports to cover important KPIs such as your retention rate, marketing reports to measure your campaigns’ success, and more. You also can add new custom metrics, adjust the reporting period for each one, and drag and drop to change the order of how they’re displayed. By consolidating all your metrics into one easy-to-use display panel, you can see what’s happening in your business at any time.

Metrics Dashboard is available to users with Ontraport Plus accounts and above.


  • Click the dashboard tab in your main navigation menu.
  • Click the new metric button and name your metric.
    1. This name acts as an identifier on the metric grid, so it’s helpful to name it based on what it measures.
  • Select your metric’s object type. From the drop down, you can choose whether your metric relates to contacts or one of your custom objects.
  • Select the type of metric you want to create.
  • Select a trigger.
  • Select a condition (optional).
  • Select the timeframe for your metric.
  • Click the orange save button.