Using postcards in your marketing strategy is a great way to set your business apart from competitors in the digital age. You can use postcards to send offers and coupon codes, say happy birthday, send reminders and more.

Ontraport offers customizable, full color 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch postcards that can be sent via automation or manually to your contacts. Postcards are only sent to U.S. addresses and are available to U.S.-based accounts; however, if you have a non-U.S.-based account and want to send postcards to U.S. addresses, you can contact Support to have the option activated in your account.

To set up automated postcards, you’ll use the Automation Builder and, as with any other automated series, the postcard will be sent to your contacts who reach that point of your automation map.

Postcards are only available to grandfathered Ontraport accounts.

Getting ready to send postcards

  • To ensure your postcards are sent, make sure the contact record has:

    1. A valid first and last name
    2. A valid street address
    3. A valid city, state and zip code
    4. Note that placeholders such as “current resident” for the name cannot be used. If any of the required fields are blank, the system will register the address as invalid and will not send the postcard.
  • You also need to purchase postcard credits before sending your postcards. To do this, go to the profile icon → Account → Printing Credits and type in the number of credits you wish to purchase (minimum 10 credits at a time). Click the orange purchase button. If you run out of printing credits, Ontraport will automatically add new print credits and bill your card on file in batches of 10 credits.

Creating postcards

  • Go to the contacts tabMessages → the orange new message buttonNew Postcard to design your postcard. Postcards must be designed in our editor and cannot be uploaded from elsewhere.
  • When designing your postcards, elements are added as new layers. On the top right, click the new item button and choose what kind of layer you’d like to add: text, shape, gradient or image.
  • After clicking into the new layer, use the tool bar at the top of the page to create your postcard. Your postcard design and content cannot overlap with the reserved postage or address areas. When you’re finished designing your postcard, click the blue save button.
  • To preview a pdf version of your postcard, click the preview button.

Automating your postcard sends

Adding postcard sends to your marketing automation is recommended for getting the most out of your Ontraport account. This way, you can have physical, personalized messages sent to your contacts at exactly the right time, without having to do it manually or monitor your contacts’ position in your funnel.

  • Go to the contacts tab to create a new automation map or edit an existing map. You can add a Postcard element anywhere on your map.
    1. If you’re starting your automation from scratch, you’ll add the postcard wherever you choose on your map by clicking the What Happens Next? element.

    2. the what happens next element
    3. If you’re editing an existing automation map or using an automation template from the marketplace, click the plus icon between any elements where you want the Postcard element to exist.
    4. To send a postcard for date specific events, such as birthdays or holidays, add waits, triggers or goals to schedule postcards to send x days before a specific date or before a date relative to the contact record.
  • Under the Actions tab, click Send a Postcard. Once the element is added, click on it and a Settings sidebar will appear.
    1. Under “Send Contacts this Postcard,” choose a postcard from the dropdown menu that you would like to be sent, or create a new one.
      the send a postcard element
  • To customize your marketing automation, you can add elements to your automation map that tell your postcard when to send and who to send to.
    1. For example, you can add a Wait element that makes your postcard wait a certain amount of time to be sent. A good example of when to use this would be if you want to wait 30 days after a contact purchases to give them a special discount code for their next purchase.
      the wait element
  • When your Postcard element is set and your automation is published, any contact that is subscribed to your automation map will be sent your postcard once they go down the path to activate the Send a Postcard element.

Manually sending postcards

While automating your postcard sends is the best way to make the most out of your Ontraport account and the postcard feature, you can also send one-off or bulk postcards manually.

  • Go to the contacts element and select the contact(s) you want to send the postcard to by checking the box next to their name.
  • Select Postcard from the actions bar, then choose the postcard to send.
  • You can also send postcards in bulk by selecting the group of contacts to be sent the postcard and choosing “all in group” before clicking on Postcard from the actions drawer.

Viewing and Managing One-off Postcards

All messages that you send manually to two or more contacts can be viewed and managed in your account’s Broadcast History. You can also view postcards sent to a single contact if they were scheduled to send at a later time. To get there, go to → Broadcast History and, if you would like to see only your postcards, click and select Postcard.

Stopping a one-off postcard:

When you manually schedule your postcards to send at a later time, you can cancel your pending broadcasts.

  • Select a Pending broadcast and click .
  • Click .

To view broadcast stats:

You can check the status of your manually sent postcards by hovering over the “sent” column and see the number of messages:

  1. Scheduled
  2. Sent
  3. Failed

The “failed” status will also show you why the postcards were unable to be delivered.