A membership site is a subscription-based website that members access to view exclusive educational content, participate in community forums, receive special loyalty perks, and more. They’re typically protected by a username and password, and often they offer varying levels of membership access.
With Ontraport, you use our PilotPress plugin to allow contact data and automation from your Ontraport account to work hand-in-hand with a WordPress-based membership site. This gives your members a seamless experience and keeps your member communications and management efficient.

With your membership site integrated with Ontraport, you can:

  • Offer a built-in Customer Center where members can download invoices, update their credit card information, etc.
  • Create a built-in Partner Center where affiliates can obtain promo tools, see approved commissions, etc.
  • Sell or give away membership levels and drip content to specific levels using a campaign
  • Easily add Ontraport media such as forms, videos and images into your WordPress site
  • Protect your membership pages so only members can see them
  • Host your WordPress site on Ontraport
  • Create a custom login page and password reminder functionality

Set Up Your Membership Site

Create a campaign to give your contacts access to your site, and deliver their username and password.