Not Getting the Response Rate You're Looking For? This Strategy Is Guaranteed to Increase It!  

You spend a lot of time and money on your marketing, and you're counting on that investment for a positive return, but your message faces a lot of competition. How do you make sure it will motivate your prospects to take action? There's a huge secret many entrepreneurs don't know that can dramatically increase your marketing response rate - narrowly match your message to your audience! 

By carving up your list into smaller segments with distinct interests, beliefs and behaviors, you're guaranteed to increase their response to your marketing efforts. In Five Tactics, One Strategy, ONTRAPORT CEO and Founder Landon Ray shares everything you need to know about segmentation - the single marketing strategy that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line - along with five powerful tactics to make it happen.
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Inside you'll find: 

       - Crucial Factors to Consider When Defining Your Segments 
       - The Two Quickest Paths to Achieving Segmentation Success 
       - Three Basic Ways to Get Valuable Data for Segmentation
       - Powerful Segmentation Tactics to Deliver the Most Relevant 
         Messages to Your Audience
       - Easy Tips for Crafting Messages that Match Each Segment's 
         Interest and Point of View  
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 - Landon Ray, 


"Our experience with our own marketing and with thousands of clients has shown that by segmenting based on just these two factors – interest and point of view – and crafting messages and offers to match them causes an increase in lead conversion of several hundred percent."