Traditional Marketing Doesn't Work Anymore.
This Method Does.
The next great wave of marketing innovation is here, and it's massively changing the way your audience expects your brand to market to them. Today's consumers want your business to engage with them on their own terms, meaning they expect the interactions they have with you to be unobtrusive, helpful and meaningful to them. This shift presents the biggest marketing opportunity your business has ever seen – by creating relevant experiences and delivering targeted messages for each of your prospects, you can earn their loyalty for the long haul. How do you accomplish that? 

By turning the many varied marketing tasks you used to perform into repeatable systems that reliably deliver relevant, timely and personalized experiences for your customers and leads. In Designing Marketing Processes, you'll get the strategies and tactics you need to begin building marketing processes that will turn you into a next-generation marketer.  
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In this free guide, you'll get:   
       - Five Rewarding, Easy-to-Finish Projects to to Get You Hooked on the 
         Power of Process 
       - Easy Tips to Build a Streamlined Lead Management System that 
         Guides Customers from First Contact to Sale  
       - Three Steps to Effectively Define Your Customer Segments to Build 
         Targeted Processes for Each
       - Four Powerful Ways to Use the Data You Have to Make All of Your 
         Processes Better  
       - Strategies for Easily Managing and Optimizing Your Marketing 
         Performance Over Time  
       - Simple Ways Your Business Can Interact With Customers on Their Own 
       - The Trick to Maintaining Impressive Marketing Results, Even If a Key 
         Employee Leaves

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Landon Ray,
Founder & CEO of ONTRAPORT

"Today, we're seeing the beginning of the next great wave of marketing innovation that will change the industry as we know it. Because of the widespread availability of sophisticated marketing software, the ability to integrate data across the company, and consumer demand for more personalized interactions, a unique opportunity now exists to transform our entire marketing functions from 'project' oriented, to 'process' oriented."