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Ontraport is an all-encompassing platform that not only offers core marketing automation and visual CRM features, but also comes with built-in ecommerce and membership capabilities, performance reporting and more so can run your entire business from one place to provide highly targeted and seamless customer experiences.
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While both Ontraport and Marketo feature visual campaign builders as their centerpieces, Ontraport’s campaign performance reporting features give you concrete evidence of what’s working and what’s not in your campaigns.

You Should Choose Ontraport If:

You need a complete, holistic, visual depiction of your campaign effectiveness so you can make quick improvements and increase revenue in the shortest period of time.
You don't like stretching your budget to pay for software that doesn’t meet all of your needs, or being locked in to annual contracts.
Your team handles various manual sales, marketing and operations tasks that could be performed faster and better with the assistance of automation tools — freeing your team to use their unique skills and knowledge to better your business instead.
You don’t want the hassle of integrating with third-party apps to handle ecommerce, CRM, landing pages, automated campaigns, tracking and other aspects of your sales and marketing.
You prefer to have many options when it comes to setting up your payment gateways and ecommerce site.
Segmentation and personalization are integral mechanisms of your marketing automation campaigns.
Getting your emails delivered to your contacts’ inboxes reliably is a critical part of your marketing and sales campaigns.
You have a live sales team that needs a visual way to manage the leads in their sales pipeline and also triggers automation.
The ability to view all your company’s data in one place without the need for spreadsheets or manual calculations is important to you.
You want to run a referral program for your business that allows referrers to log in to check their progress and automatically get paid for their work.
You’re looking for a visual campaign builder to map and automate your important outreach throughout the customer lifecycle.
Your customers would benefit from adding a membership component that serves as a learning platform.

Ontraport Advantages

Both Ontraport and Marketo are very robust platforms with a large overlap of features. Here are some key areas where Ontraport excels.

Industry-Leading Email Deliverability

At Ontraport, email deliverability isn’t an afterthought — it’s a core part of our service. With over a decade of experience as a high-volume mailer and a dedicated team of postmasters standing by, you can finally stop wondering if you’re getting the best possible delivery rates. With enterprise-grade mailing infrastructure, Ontraport can offer private IP pools to qualified mailers as well as personalized delivery testing and advice on best practices. Of course, if you prefer, Ontraport can send your mail through the SMTP service of your choice.

Full Ecommerce Suite

Integrating with a third-party app to sell your goods and services is neither easy nor cheap. Ontraport is as much an ecommerce solution as it is a marketing toolkit. Quickly build customizable order forms that sync with your contact database; easily manage your shopping carts and payment gateways for a seamless purchase process; offer flexible payment options to reduce friction, and safely automate payment processes such as credit card declines with ease.

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All-in-One Means All-in-One

Email, landing page and form builders? Built in. A visual campaign builder to automate each piece of your customer journey? Built in. A visual CRM for managing your marketing and sales pipelines? Built in. A full ecommerce suite to sell your products and services online and manage payments? Built in. And that’s only the beginning.  With Ontraport there’s no need to buy and pay extra for features from third-party providers. They’re all included. Ontraport was intentionally built to incorporate all the core features a business needs to manage its entire customer lifecycle.

Data Performance 

Visually monitor your campaign's performance right on your campaign map with Performance Mode. Ontraport displays your marketing stats right onto your visual campaign maps, giving you unprecedented insight into campaign and marketing performance.

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Custom Objects

Many business owners need to store records beyond merely contacts, opportunities and accounts. Ontraport is the only small business marketing and business automation platform that offers the ability to create completely custom record types, to create relationships between record types, and to design completely automated systems around those custom records. Custom Objects in Ontraport offers the flexibility to create custom records for things like events, children, classes, users, administrators, and just about anything else they can think of pertaining to their businesses.


Don't Take Our Word for It. Hear from Real Users.

Chris Crompton, ROI Revolution

“Ontraport’s new campaign builder is amazing. It's the most powerful, intuitive and beautiful campaign builder I've ever used.”

Ease of Admin 

Check out how Ontraport stacks up against Marketo when it comes to ease of admin.
Quality of Support 

Check out how Ontraport outscores Marketo when it comes to quality of support.

How are they priced?

Compare Pricing: Ontraport vs. Marketo

Ontraport offers a free 14-day trial. If you decide to purchase, you can choose from four plans and upgrade or downgrade any time.

 14-day free trial - no credit card require
 30-day refund period after point of purchase
 No annual contract
 Two free hour-long setup calls with our in-house specialists
 Free templates for web pages, forms, emails and campaigns to get the most out of your trial
 Free use of our top features to see how Ontraport will work for your unique business
 Custom pricing for accounts with up to 5 million contacts

1,000 Contacts

Unlimited Emails

1 User

Setup Services

Postmaster Consultation

Account Management

2,500 Contacts

Unlimited Emails

2 Users

Setup Services

Postmaster Consultation

Account Management

10,000 Contacts

Unlimited Emails

3 Users

Setup Services

Postmaster Consultation

Account Management

20,000 Contacts

200,000 Emails/Month

5 Users

Setup Services

Postmaster Consultation

Account Management

Marketo Pricing

Marketo only offers full pricing information upon request.

Where do Ontraport and Marketo differ?

Visual Campaign Builder Ontraport Marketo
Goal-Based Automation
Campaign Triggers
Custom Wait Steps
Conditional Filtering
Go-To Steps
Randomized Campaign Splits
Campaign Forks
Pre-Built Campaign Marketplace
Campaign Performance Reporting Ontraport Marketo
Visual Performance Reporting
Contact Flow Reports
Funnel Conversion Reports
Lifetime Value Reports
Goal Conversion Rate Reports
Goal Conversion Time Reports
Goal Conversion Point Reports
Custom Date Range Reporting Filters
Custom Lead Source Reporting Filters
Campaign Performance Projection
Custom Metrics Dashboard
Campaign Assets Ontraport Marketo
Built-in Landing Page Creator
Landing Page Personalization
Landing Page Template Marketplace
Custom Thank You Pages
Built-in Web Form Creator
Pre-filled Forms
Multi-Step Forms
Built-in Email Editor
Email Personalization
Automated Campaign Messaging Ontraport Marketo
SMS Yes, with paid integration
Postcards yes, with paid integration
Email Marketing Ontraport Marketo
Private IPs
Sender Reputation Management
Automated Re-engagement
Bounce Rate Tracking
Message Open Tracking
Click-Through Tracking
Split Testing
Deliverability Consulting
Sales Force Automation Ontraport Marketo
Automated Follow-Up
Lead Scoring
Lead Routing Yes, with Salesforce integration
CRM Ontraport Marketo
Visual Contact Workflow Management
Custom Fields
Custom Tabs
Automation Log
Activity Log
Ecommerce Ontraport Marketo
Order Forms
Payment Processing
Automated Recharge Settings
Free Trials
Payment Plans
Credit Card Decline Follow-Up
Abandoned Cart Follow-Up
Coupon Codes
One-Click Upsells
Shopping Cart Yes, with integration Yes, with integration
Partner Programs Ontraport Marketo
Partner Tracking
Referral Tracking Links
Promo Tools
Earnings Reports
Automated Partner Management
Automated Partner Payments
Partner Center
Membership Sites Ontraport Marketo
WordPress Plugin Yes, by Hoosh Marketing
Automated Member Management
Multiple Membership Levels
Page-by-page Content Protection
Drip Content
Customer Center
Marketing Tracking Ontraport Marketo
UTM Tracking
UTM Link Generator
Tracked Links
UTM-based Filters on Performance Reports
Split Testing
Facebook Custom Audience Automation
Services Ontraport Marketo
Complimentary Account Set-Up
30-Day Free Refund Period
Annual Contract Required No No
Chat Support
Email Support
Screenshare Support
Live Training Events
Online Training
Certified Consultant Community

One Platform for Your Whole Business

Ontraport brings together all the essential tools for marketing, selling and delivering products online. With your tools all working together, you’ve got complete oversight of your business that you can’t get anywhere else — empowering you to make intelligent decisions.

With everything you need in one solid system, you only need to buy, install, and learn one software, one time. Say goodbye to the weak links in your tech stack, and stop wasting your time toggling between extraneous tools that don’t play well together.

Complimentary Setup and Support

We’ll set up your account just the way you like it so you can hit the ground running and, if you need technical support later, our award-winning support reps will be there for you.

Rich in Features

Our platform is designed with a broad feature set to meet all your needs in marketing, sales, ecommerce, memberships, referrals and more. No matter your industry, your business size, or your product or service, we’ve got you covered.

Intuitive and Simple

Get up and running in your Ontraport account quickly with pre-built templates for campaigns, pages and emails that you can customize and launch.

Grow Your Business Faster With Ontraport’s All-in-One Software

This software comparison was last updated on 6/25/2019.
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