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Ontraport for memberships overview
This course shows you how Ontraport’s membership sites work, the tools you can use to create one and how to engage your customers with exclusive membership site access.
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Ontraport gives you the tools and a ton of flexibility to create a password protected membership site that your customers will love. You can use membership sites to deliver content, create a customer center for people to see their purchase history or update their contact and billing info, or a million other things.

In this video, we’ll do a quick overview of how membership sites work in Ontraport, then we’ll dive into the details in the next videos.

Also, just a side note: we have a step by step setup wizard called the Membership Starter Kit to help you quickly set all this up. But still, it’s a good idea to understand how the finished product works, so let’s dive in!

Ontraport Membership Sites are built using Ontraport Pages.

To protect your pages so only some users can access them, there are four things you need to do:

First, you need to create a Membership Site and set up some basic settings.

Next, make sure that each page of your members’ area is hosted on the domain you set up in step 1.

Then, on each page you want hidden, there are some “Display Settings” to setup that determines who gets to see each page.

Finally, give access to the people you want to be able log in to your Membership Site.

We’ll go through each of these steps in more detail in the next few videos.

But for now, here are a few more things you should know about Ontraport Membership Sites.

You have a few options for how people will get access to your membership site.

The first one is granting access manually by going to someone’s contact record and adding a login to one of your sites.

A second option is giving them access through automation, using the “Update Membership Access” element.

When you give someone access to your site, Ontraport will automatically send that contact a registration email. The email prompts them to click a link where they can set up their username and password.

Once they’ve done that, they’re in — but that doesn’t mean they can automatically see your pages! The settings that you set up for each page determine which visitors get access to what content. Let me explain.

Let’s say you have a membership site with three different courses and someone has purchased only one of them. In this case, you’ll give them access to the course they bought but not the others.

There might be times when you want to restrict pages. For example, you only want to give someone access to a lesson after a set period of time or after they’ve completed a previous lesson. I’ll show you how to handle these different use cases in our “Giving users access” video.

The last thing I’ll cover is what happens when someone tries to visit a page that they don’t have access to. Ontraport lets you redirect these folks to other pages.

This is a really useful feature. If someone tries to visit a page for a course they haven’t paid for, you can redirect them to an order form so they can purchase that course.

I know this was a quick rundown, but it should give you a pretty good idea of how to set up a membership site in Ontraport.

So now that you have a basic grasp of how Ontraport Membership Sites work, be sure to keep  watching this series so we can set one up together, step by step.

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