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Ontraport for payments overview
Learn how Ontraport’s ecommerce features can support you and your customers in seamless online shopping experiences.
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Ontraport’s ecommerce features are incredibly powerful and flexible. They’re designed to give  your customers a truly seamless online shopping experience — unique to your business.

In this Ontraport for Payments course, you’ll learn how to:

Set up your account to take payments;
Customize your offers so you can sell your products;
Create order forms, upsell offers, order bumps, subscriptions and payment plans;
Fulfill physical and digital product delivery;
Manage subscription payments, and
Use Ontraport’s sales tracking and reporting features.

I’ll give you an overview of how Ontraport can help you accomplish all that — and what you can automate in the process.

You’ll start out by adding new products to Ontraport, including their names and prices.

This price doesn’t have to be set in stone. Think of it as a default — you can always change it on your order forms or any time you log a transaction. For example, maybe you want to offer your   ebook at a discount sometime down the road because you have a new ebook you’re going to launch at a higher price.
Next, you’ll add your product to one of your order forms. You can also make the sale for your  customer by adding the product to a manual transaction.

And boom! You’re selling stuff.

As time goes on and your ecommerce skills grow, you may expand your strategies and types of products for increasing your sales. For example, you might be selling an ebook today, but next  month you might sell monthly access to your new membership site. You’ll need to charge your   new members a one-time setup fee and let them pay for their subscriptions on an annual or monthly basis.

Regardless of the products you're selling,  you’ll always have a payment option that fits your  needs. Ontraport supports structured payment plans, free trial periods, subscriptions and more, which you can learn all about in our “Types of offers” video.

Ontraport also helps you deliver your products. If you sell digital downloads, just set up an automation to deliver it as soon as your customers buy it.

Or if you sell physical products, you can automatically charge the correct shipping fee. Then, you’ll use our fulfillment features to make sure your product delivery goes smoothly.

Plus, you can rely on Ontraport if you need to recover or prevent lost revenue. Instead of chasing down the people whose payments failed, you can automate your credit card decline process. As  soon as a transaction for an order fails, you can send your customers an email notification that prompts them to fix their payment issue. This saves you a ton of time and saves sales that would have otherwise been lost.

If you sell subscription products, you’ll need a system to catch failed subscription payments. With Ontraport, failed subscription and payment plan payments automatically get added to your collections, which keeps trying to collect payment from the card.

You can also set up automations for collecting payments — emails that link to a form for your customers to update their credit card. And you can lock  out non-payers from your membership  site until they pay up.

Ontraport also makes it easy to set up abandoned cart automations. You can capture those super hot leads who looked at your product but didn't buy — yet.

Now that you’ve gotten a peek into Ontraport's ecommerce features, you can set it all up  by watching the rest of the videos in this series. You’ll be selling your products in no time!

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