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Ontraport for sales teams overview
Get a big picture perspective on how Ontraport can support your sales team with lead management, tasks, oversight, using the mobile app and more.
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Welcome to Ontraport for sales teams. In this course, you’ll learn how to use powerful and dynamic sales technology to create a lean, streamed, automated sales machine.

Our sales tools allow your team to spend less time on repetitive and mundane tasks that can easily be automated in Ontraport. That way, your sales team can channel their valuable energy into what they do best: creating remarkable experiences with leads and prospects. And you can keep tabs on lead follow-up so nothing falls through the cracks.You’ll create a consistent sales experience so you can close more deals with happy customers

To do this, you’ll first need to set up a lead management process. You’ll also need an organized way to track each lead throughout your sales cycle. I’ll talk about how to set this up in Ontraport in our “Managing your pipeline with Card View” video.

You’ll also need a way to oversee your whole sales process. Some sales tasks can be automated while others require people to do certain things manually. And people can make mistakes or call in sick or create other hiccups in your processes. We’ve got tools in Ontraport to help you make sure things stay on track that we’ll cover in our “Oversight” lesson.

After that, you’ll want to make sure your team is talking to the right leads and following up with them right away. You don’t need your team wasting their resources on the wrong person, or on the right person at the wrong time.  I’ll show you how to focus on good leads in our “Lead routing” and “Lead scoring” videos.

And that’s it for the basics.

If you have a more sophisticated sales process, or you’re selling bigger ticket items, you may want to take your sales automation to the next level.

For example, you might sell to companies with a lot of people who are involved in the deal. Or, you might be working multiple deals for a single company. In either case, you’ll want to track deals and companies separately from contacts.

Ontraport handles all that really well, and I’ll show you how in “Tracking opportunities with Deals.” You’ll also learn about how to make pipeline projections and ensure your team’s on track to hit their goals.

We also have a section on “Tasks,” which are a powerful set of features that let you integrate automation seamlessly alongside the manual jobs involved in your processes, like making follow up phone calls. Using tasks reduces human error that can wreak havoc on your customers’ experience.

I’ll also cover other features that are designed to make life easier for your sales reps: Ontraport’s Mobile App, our email sync integration and more. Then I’ll give you examples of how to use all your sales force automation tools together.

So, let’s dive in. We’ll get started with lead management in the first video in this section.

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