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Virtual Bootcamp and Certification 2021 Syllabus 

See the complete syllabus to find out what you’ll learn on each day of each course, from strategy discussions to invaluable sales tools.  

Virtual Bootcamp and Certification 2021 Syllabus

See the complete syllabus to find out what you’ll learn on each day of each course, from strategy discussions to invaluable sales tools.  

Day 1: Introducing Ontraport
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In this course we take a major look ‘under the hood’ of Ontraport. We’ll make sure you understand how to find the assets you create in Ontraport, make simple funnels, and take advantage of Ontraport’s powerful CRM tools. Our goal is for you to see the value of Ontraport right from the start.
Learning Objectives
  • Find certain assets in Ontraport and get to know your teammates
  • Create a form
  • Create a thank-you page
  • Write an email to send to your lead magnet
  • Create a lead magnet download funnel
  • Add and edit contacts, and change quick view
  • Create groups for your new leads based on fields and tags
  • Complete the Free Download Lead Magnet Funnel Wizard
Audience/Skill Level
All Ontraport skill levels and accounts
Topics Covered

Getting started with Ontraport

Ontraport has a lot to offer so it’s important to get the lay of the land. We’ll focus on how to find things in your account and how to search for items in your database. We’ll also discuss how Ontraport works from a broader perspective.

How to create landing pages and build a basic funnel
We’ll build a form to collect basic contact information. You’ll also see how to address your contacts in your landing pages as well as how to redirect them when they’ve submitted valuable information.

The messages you need to send when people first reach out
This builds on the work completed in the previous section by showing you how to send emails to contacts who have filled out your forms. We’ll also discuss the ways you can personalize the email experience, and deliver lead magnets.

Ontraport Campaigns: The engine of automation
We’ve built all the parts; now let’s bring it all together. In this section we’ll build an Ontraport automation campaign. It will bring your landing pages and emails together and allow you to see how your leads interact with your funnel.

Ontraport CRM: What it is and how to use it
Organizing your database is crucial. It’s how you’ll keep track of your business and help it scale. To help you do that we’ll talk about naming conventions, building groups and Quick View. We’ll also show you how to manage your contacts (and other assets) and how to add fields and tags to help further segment your database.

Ontraport Systems: Managing Ontraport from one place
Ontraport Systems is a feature created expressly for keeping you organized. Systems give you a convenient place to view all of your landing pages, emails and campaigns in one place. We’ll see how you can add to them, search for content, and even leave notes for you and your team to better understand what you’ve built.

Day 2: Making your first sale
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Now that we have the basics down, it’s time to start selling. We’ll break down some basic principles of conversion on the internet and how Ontraport fits in. We’ll show you how to increase the value of your products and how to understand sales reports in Ontraport. Finally, we’ll discuss the ways Ontraport supports the delivery of your emails and how you can take control of your delivery reputation.
Learning Objectives
  • Create a sales page
  • Create an order form
  • Create the five part funnel
  • Create a product delivery funnel for your conversion
  • Create an abandoned cart funnel
  • Test your conversion funnel
  • Create an onboarding funnel
  • Brainstorm strategies for improving email delivery
Audience/Skill Level
Ontraport Plus and above
Topics Covered

Conversion tactics: Sales pages and order forms
Conversion funnels employ every aspect of Ontraport discussed so far. We'll distinguish between a sales page and an order page, learn how to track conversions and make sure our customers are getting the product they purchased.

Conversion tactics: How to make a conversion funnel
To grow your business you need revenue, and that means customers. We’ll start by building a typical conversion funnel and discuss the themes in each of five emails recommended for turning your leads into customers.

Conversion to fulfillment: Product delivery
Any good relationship begins with keeping your word. We’ll go over how to ensure the products your customers purchased get delivered.

Cart abandonment and other conversion issues
Not every sale goes perfectly. It’s important to have campaigns that can address the issues that arise. We’ll build an abandoned cart campaign and show some ways you can approach declined transactions.

Tracking your sales: Sales reports
Getting a sale is a great first step, but you need to understand how and and when it’s happening so that you can keep making it happen. We’ll take a look at sales data in Ontraport, specifically the sales reports and what information you can get from there.

Conversion to fulfillment: Onboarding
When you make sure your customers are taken care of at the beginning, you’re helping them get value from your product. This sets you up for a great buying relationship in the future. We’ll show you how to help your customers get value from their product by setting up a simple onboarding process, similar to how we do it here at Ontraport.

The email reputation chain
Everyone has a story about email that ended up in spam. In this course, one of our Email Delivery Experts will show you how to avoid those traps and take charge of your delivery. There are five key components every business owner needs for optimum email delivery.

Day 3: Delighting your Customers
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Positioning/Benefit Statement
Today we take a look at how to give your customers access to one of Ontraport’s world class membership sites. We’ll create one and learn how to protect your content. Then we’ll see how to use some of Ontraport’s more advanced page design tools including mobile design. Then we’ll examine some other marketing channels that are available to you as a business owner. Finally, we’ll look at more tools for understanding your sales information so you can find out which products are selling best.
Learning Objectives
  • Create a membership site
  • Protect your pages
  • Create a global block and make your content mobile friendly
  • Link a deal, company and contact — and manage them in Card View
  • Build a collections campaign
  • Create a reporting campaign for our Bootcamp funnel
  • Create an SMS funnel (opt in and follow up)
Audience/Skill Level
Ontraport Plus and above
Topics Covered

Ontraport membership sites
One of the best ways to generate revenue is with consistency. A membership site is one of the core ways small businesses do this. Using our powerful landing page builder, we’ll construct a membership website. We’ll discuss how to create membership levels, manage your content, and add new pages whenever you need to.

Ontraport Pages — advanced page design
If Ontraport Pages is your bread and butter, you’re in the right place. We’ll open up Ontraport Pages to see what’s really possible with this state-of-the-art feature. Topics include: t, mobile vs. desktop display, global blocks, how to “favorite” blocks, and how to use margin and padding to create a beautiful landing page.

Sales team management — Deals and Companies
This is huge for those of you in the B2B business world. Deals and Companies is a set of prebuilt Custom Objects, specifically designed for business-to-business interactions. We’ll discuss how they work and what other features they are designed for.

Managing transactions in collections
Anytime you offer subscription products, like a membership site, you face the possibility that someone won’t pay their bill. In this lesson we’ll discuss how you can manage this problem with Ontraport’s automated collection tools: recharge settings and collections automation.

Understanding your data — reporting in Ontraport
With a good grounding in how to work with Ontraport, it’s time to understand the data it’s giving us. We’ll focus on the Dashboard and Ontraport Performance Mode and theeports they offer.

2-way SMS in Ontraport
Email might be the best tool you have to market to your contacts, but it’s not the only way. We’ll take a look at how to use Ontraport’s SMS tool and how you can add it to your marketing arsenal.

Where Ontraport is headed
Tune in with Ontraport CEO and founder, Landon Ray, to hear about the latest news inside of Ontraport. We’ll talk about what’s been happening, what to look forward to, and of course answer any questions you’ve been itching to ask.

Day 4: Ontraport Unleashed
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On day four we dig deeper into what sets Ontraport apart from the competition. We’ll discuss some of Ontraport’s most powerful lead generation tools, UTM variables. From there we’ll explore email tracking and some of the unique features of emails in Ontraport. Then, we’ll set up one of the strongest lead conversion ad trackers on the market, exclusively in Ontraport. Next, we’ll take a look at one of the most powerful features in Ontraport, Custom Objects, and how they’re changing what it means to be an Ontraport customer.
Learning Objectives
  • Create some UTM variables and test them with our Bootcamp campaign
  • Add UTM variables and other tracking to your email
  • Set up deep funnel conversion tracking in your Ontraport account
  • Build a blog post
  • Create and test a multi-object form
  • Build a blog post template
  • Build an overview page
Audience/Skill Level
Ontraport Pro and above
Topics Covered

Lead tracking and conversion with UTM variables
Urchin Tracking Modules variables (UTM) are a form of high-level lead and customer tracking. By applying them to contacts as early as possible in their life cycle, you can see the kinds of activity that drew them to your business, which assets tend to produce engagement, and the content that produces the highest conversion metrics. Note: Ontraport Pro account is required.

Deep funnel conversion tracking
For those of us who are spending ad dollars to bring in new leads, this session is a must. We’ll discuss how Ontraport integrates with Facebook and Google analytics so you can track your leads through every phase of the life cycle. Not only is this useful information for any business buying ads, it’s uniquely available to Ontraport. Don’t miss it!

Custom Objects and how to use them
By now you should be familiar with all of the core features of Ontraport. It’s time to tackle what is quite possibly the most powerful feature we have: Custom Objects. We’ll talk a bit about the three database relationships this feature uses and how to apply them. We’ll end by showing you how to build a Custom Object.

Custom Objects and how they’re related
Now that we know how to build a Custom Object, let’s talk a little bit more about how to use them. We’ll focus on relating records to each other, especially between objects. This sets us up for the next session where we open up one of the biggest innovations available to Ontraport customers: Dynamic Content!

Dynamic Content — A preview of the Ontraport advanced course
To help entrepreneurs adapt to the changing landscape of the internet, Ontraport has released Dynamic Content. This innovative feature set completely changes a powerful CRM into a content management system. In this course we take our first look at this feature with Dynamic Pages, and how our customers can start using it. We’ll finish by building a simple blog page.

Dynamic Content Part 2 — Dynamic Blocks
We'll take a deeper look at Dynamic Content by showing you how to use Dynamic Blocks. We’ll explore how this changes page design, how you can display more data on your pages and how to use blocks to link to other parts of your site. We’ll continue our activity from the last session and create an overview page for our blog.

What it takes to be a successful Ontraport Expert
We want to set you up for success as an Ontraport Expert. Ultimately, this relationship will benefit us both!. CEO and Founder Landon Ray will discuss the history of the Expert program, how Ontraport works with and supports its Experts, and how to successfully support our customers.

Day 5: Becoming an Ontraport Expert
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We’ve spent the last four days looking at how Ontraport works. Now we’ll take a step back and look at what it means to be a consultant. We’ll examine business strategies, and hone in on what will make you an exceptional business owner. Today is test day too, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.
Learning Objectives
  • Identify your vertical, craft a statement and guarantee
  • Share your experiences with lead qualification and pricing your products. What's worked and what hasn't?
  • Brainstorm — What additional Ontraport services can you offer to create more value for your clients??
Audience/Skill Level
Topics Covered

Succeeding as an Ontraport Expert
We’ll go through the unique benefits of becoming an Ontraport Expert and the resources available to you, and answer any questions about our program.

The essentials of consulting
Whether you’re new to working on behalf of small businesses or you’ve been doing it for years, there are some core principles that benefit everyone: knowing your vertical, crafting a position statement, and presenting guarantees. We’ll cover each of these in detail and how they apply to your business.

Knowing your customer
Becoming a consultant means getting to know who your customers are. Sure, you can send surveys, but nothing beats a good conversation. We’ll go through the ways you can have these conversations (we call them discovery calls), and ensure that the people you’re working with are right for you and your business.

Growing your business
In this course we’ll unpack how to manage your projects as you take on new clients. We’ll talk about how to avoid ‘scope creep’ and make sure you and your clients always meet your deadlines. We’ll also explore other products and services you can offer as an Ontraport expert: Copywriting, account management, and marketing funnel tests. Finally, we’ll discuss some of the simple things that we do at Ontraport to get new clients up and running quickly, and how you can use them to help your clients too.

Frequently asked questions

Check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the live training courses below. If you have additional questions, please get in touch with us by emailing

What is the refund policy for the Ontraport Certification Course?
Your registration fee for the Ontraport Certification Course is not refundable, but it is transferable. Please get in touch with us two weeks before the course start date to transfer your registration to a later course or another person within your organization. Just send us an email letting us know the name of the person you’d like to transfer your ticket to, or the course dates you want to move your own registration to.
Do you offer discounts for groups?

Yes. If you’d like to bring more than one person please let us know how many people are in your group, and we can discuss pricing. Contact

I want to get my entire team certified as Ontraport Experts. Will you travel to us?

Please get in touch with us at to discuss details about the number of people who will participate in the course, the dates you’re interested in, and your location.

What is the process for renewing my status as an Ontraport Certified Expert?

After passing the Ontraport Certification exam, your active Expert status is valid for one year. Each subsequent year you’ll need to renew your active status by paying the $500 renewal fee and taking the online exam. Renewal exams take place every year in January; we will reach out to you via email when your certification nears its expiration.

Will I be able to attend while in a different timezone?

Yes. Video recordings of the live sessions will be available the next business day on our event resources page. The slides covered per day will also be posted and available to download.

Are there any basic qualifications necessary to take the Certification Course?

There are no prerequisites or qualifications necessary to be part of the Certification Course. The course is suitable for any user who wants to learn both the software and strategy skills necessary to attract more leads and turn them into loyal customers.

I want to have someone from my marketing team or my virtual assistant become an Ontraport Expert — does it make sense to send someone other than myself to the course?

There is no better way to train your team on the strategy and software than to send them to these live training programs. We highly recommend Bootcamp for anyone who works in your Ontraport account. If you want them to take your account to the next level, we recommend sending them to go through the Certification Course.

What is the difference between the Ontraport Certification Course and Ontraport Bootcamp?
Ontraport Bootcamp includes three full days of software training and basic strategy training for growing your business.

The Ontraport Certification Course begins with the same three days of software and basic strategy training. On the afternoon of the third day, the Certification Course splits off to delve into more advanced strategy training. Participants will learn a reliable model for growing their businesses by focusing on each stage of the customer relationship. On the final day, attendees sit for the Ontraport Certification Exam. If they pass the exam, they are recognized as an Ontraport Certified Consultant and receive the benefits and privileges that go along with their new status. 
I’ve signed up for a live training course — what should I do next?

You will receive a confirmation email and more messages with specific information beginning 30 days before your course start date.

What time will we start and end each day?

The online live course is scheduled to start at 8:30 A.M. PST time and end at 6:00 P.M. PST Monday through Thursday. Friday, the Certification test will take place from 1:00 P.M PST to 5:00 P.M. PST.

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