The Ontraport Certification Program
Course Syllabus

Get the software and strategy skills you need to build your business. Here’s what you’ll learn during this intensive, growth-focused five day course.

Day One

How We Grew From a Few Coders in a Backyard Yurt Into an Industry-Leading Software Company

Find out what Landon Ray has learned by successfully scaling Ontraport over the past ten years and apply that insight to your business so you can scale faster with more confidence and less trial and error. 

The Big Picture: Building and Strengthening Relationships at Every Phase of the Customer Lifecycle

Learn a proven marketing strategy for building your business around the five phases of each customer’s relationship with you so that you can reliably move leads all the way from simple awareness of your brand to become loyal customers and brand advocates. 

How to Set Yourself Up For Success by Mapping Your Strategy

Find out how to visually map all of the funnels in your business so that you can make the building and implementation process simpler and create a more seamless, personalized experience for every single lead and customer. 

Getting the Leads You Need to Grow Your Business: The Keys to Attraction

Learn how to build a funnel that attracts a high volume of new leads so that you can reliably supply your growing business with a steady stream of new contacts to nurture into customers.

I highly recommend the Ontraport Bootcamp and Certification courses to anyone who wants to take their knowledge to another level. The best decision I made all year.

– Jennifer Bleiker, Certification Australia, December 2015

Day Two

Leave No Lead or Customer Behind With Dynamic Customer Journey Mapping 

Learn how to ensure that leads and contacts receive the right messages at the right time so that you can create personalized customer journeys that adapt to each contact’s behavior and engagement to foster more conversions, sales and loyalty.

The Ultimate Lead Conversion Roadmap: Turning Prospects Into Customers

Learn how to create automated offer funnels that motivate your leads to take action and effectively sell your product online so that you can convert leads into paying customers at a higher rate to grow your business.

Day Three

Behind the Scenes with Ontraport’s Founder & CEO: What’s Next?

Learn what’s on the horizon for Ontraport and get insider information on the future plans for the platform so that you can make the most of your partnership with our industry-leading brand to grow your business rapidly.

Delighting Your Customers: Tactics that Build Lifelong Loyalty

Find out how to successfully introduce your buyers to additional products and services so you can turn them into valuable repeat customers who will stick with you for the long haul. 

Becoming an Automation Expert: Ongoing Software Education Opportunities and Resources

Get tips and hints for making the most out of all the services and tools available for you to foster continuous learning, personal growth and business expansion opportunities. 

Great immersion in the features of the Ontraport platform that really opened my eyes to how it all works together, and how infinite the programming possibilities are. My comfort level and competence with the software skyrocketed! 

– Morgen Drasmom, Certification Santa Barbara, June 2015

Day Four

Attracting More Leads Without Spending More Time or Money

Learn how to narrowly define your vertical, which makes it possible to attract more of the right leads, reduce your marketing costs, achieve a greater ROI and consistently get impressive results for clients. 

The Secret to Convert More Leads Into High-Paying Customers, In Less Time

Develop sharp sales skills, effective guarantees, and smart bidding & pricing strategies so you can accelerate your business’ growth by bringing in more new clients than ever.

How to Go Above and Beyond For Your Clients to Build Loyalty

Find out how to engineer a reliably remarkable client experience with project management strategies to keep them happy and coming back for more (while eliminating the chaos of juggling multiple client projects). 

Expanding the Relationship to Maximize Your Profits

Learn how to delight your clients and introduce them to additional products, events and services you can offer as an Ontraport Certified Consultant to create a larger predictable income stream and keep clients with you long-term. 

How to Turn Your Loyal Customers Into Referrers

Get strategies that will turn your most loyal customers into brand advocates who tell their friends about you so you can multiply your reach and attract exponentially more high-quality clients.

Day Five

The Secret to Becoming an Indispensable Resource for Small Business Owners

Discover tips and strategies for better supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners to accomplish their vision and deliver their value to the world so that you can make a bigger difference for every client you work with, earn glowing testimonials and win lifelong clients.

Removing Friction From the Sales Process: Tools for Communicating The Value of All-In-One

Learn how to effectively sell clients on the true value of an all-in-one platform so that you can introduce more entrepreneurs to Ontraport, make a bigger impact on their bottom line and increase your monthly commission revenue. 

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