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Ontraport Certification 2023 Syllabus 

See the complete syllabus to find out what you’ll learn on each day of each course, from strategy discussions to invaluable sales tools.  

Ontraport Certification 2023 Syllabus

See the complete syllabus to find out what you’ll learn on each day of each course, from strategy discussions to invaluable sales tools.  

Day 1: Becoming an Ontraport Expert
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On the first day, we’ll dive into what it means to be a consultant. We’ll examine business strategies and hone in on what will make you an exceptional Ontraport Expert.
Learning Objectives
  • Learn Ontraport’s origin story and how we’ve evolved as a company.
  • Identify your vertical.
  • Craft your positioning statement.
  • Write your guarantee to your customers.
  • Share your experiences with lead qualification and/or make a plan for your discovery calls.
  • Consider your pricing options and discuss what has worked/not worked.
  • Map out how you’ll tackle client projects, using our tips.
  • Identify products and services you can offer to create more value for your clients.
  • Take notes on what’s worked for our successful consultants.
  • Learn how to utilize the Managed Accounts subcollection, your hub for managing all your clients’ accounts.
Skill Level
All Ontraport skill levels
Topics Covered
  • The history of Ontraport
  • Succeeding as an Expert: Verticals
  • Succeeding as an Expert: Position statements
  • Succeeding as an Expert: Guarantees
  • Essentials of consulting: Discovery calls
  • Essentials of consulting: Pricing anchors
  • Essentials of consulting: Project plans
  • Growing your business: Products and services
  • Growing your business: Strategies used by successful consultants
  • Account management
Day 2: Attract leads and convert
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We begin our journey through the customer lifecycle, supported by Ontraport’s tools and learn how to build the funnels you need to attract leads and convert them using Ontraport.
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the flow of the customer lifecycle and how Ontraport tools support each stage of the journey.
  • Understand basics of the attract stage and the lead generation tools available in Ontraport.
  • Build a form on an Ontraport page.
  • Create a thank you page and test it with your classmates.
  • Create a Simple Mail message and link a file.
  • Create a lead magnet download funnel.
  • Create custom color fields.
  • Create a group for new contacts.
  • Understand the purpose of conversion funnels and what tools are required to build them using Ontraport.
  • Create a sales page.
  • Create an order form with a product and a dummy gateway. Insert the link to your order form on your sales page.
  • Create an offer funnel (automation that includes offer emails) in Ontraport. Connect your lead magnet funnel to your conversion funnel.
  • Build a declined card automation to encourage your lead to complete their purchase.
Skill Level
Topics Covered
  • The customer lifecycle
  • The customer lifecycle: Attract
  • Forms
  • Designing and customizing pages (fonts, blocks, page elements, element settings)
  • Ontraport for marketing: Writing a message
  • Ontraport’s Automation Builder
  • CRM: Your contacts and database (fields, Quick View, Detail View)
  • CRM: Segmentation with groups
  • The customer lifecycle: Convert
  • Sales elements
  • Order forms
  • Conversion tactics: Core offer funnel
  • Abandoned cart and declined card funnels
Day 3: Fulfill and delight
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We’ll dive in to how you can fulfill your promise to your customers – deliver the product or service they purchased! We’ll give you strategies to elevate your customer experience – and delight your customers – using Ontraport’s features.
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the tools available to fulfill your promise to customers.
  • Create a product delivery funnel.
  • Create a coupon code and enable it on an order form.
  • Navigate to sales reports and play with creating groups / adding conditions for your business needs.
  • Create an onboarding funnel that includes tasks (to fulfill your promise to customers).
  • Consider your own email practices and note areas for improvement.
  • Identify ways to delight customers using Ontraport’s tools.
  • Create a membership site for your business. Add a subscription membership product to your order form.
  • Add pages to your membership site and display them to logged in members.
  • Create a global block and a mobile-friendly block.
  • Link a deal, company and contact — and manage them in Card View.
  • Build a collection funnel. Add a customer center to your membership site and automate your collection process.
  • Create a reporting automation.
  • Text the instructor to experience the SMS opt-in (and follow-up) funnel.
  • Explore our partner program tools.
  • We’ll spill on where Ontraport is headed and what you can expect in the future.
Skill Level
Topics Covered
  • The customer lifecycle : Fulfill
  • Product delivery: Digital and physical products
  • Coupon codes
  • Sales reports
  • Tasks
  • Email delivery: The email reputation chain
  • The customer lifecycle : Delight
  • Creating a membership site
  • Protecting membership pages using display settings and conditional blocks
  • Advanced page design
  • Managing your sales pipeline: Deals, Companies and Card View
  • Managing transactions in collections (recharge settings and customer center)
  • Reporting in Ontraport: Trends and Metrics Dashboards and Reporting Mode
  • SMS Messaging
  • Partner programs
  • The future of Ontraport
Day 4: Advanced marketing and sales | software training
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On day four we dig deep into Ontraport’s most powerful tools for managing your marketing and sales processes, including lead generation tools and UTM variables. We’ll explore email tracking and some of Ontraport’s unique email features, and we’ll set up one of the strongest lead conversion ad trackers on the market, exclusively in Ontraport.
Learning Objectives
  • Understand how the changing landscape of technology has altered the ways we measure success in our marketing efforts. Identify Ontraport tools you can use for increased engagement.
  • Set up email tracking and link tracking. Practice putting a tracking code in an email, on a page or in your SMS messages.
  • Create and test a UTM ad.
  • Set up deep funnel conversion tracking in your Ontraport account.
  • Learn how to use the best automation reporting method in Ontraport.
  • Set up webhooks to connect many-to-many relationships so you can take advantage of Ontraport’s automation.
  • Set up tasks and automate task outcomes to get your sales team operating like a well-oiled machine.
  • Practice formatting and using merge fields in Ontraport App links and special merge fields. Discuss the possibilities of merge fields working everywhere, and learn how to maintain privacy and security while doing so.
  • Set up your Ontraport Calendar (and two-way sync with Google) to manage appointments and meetings for your business.
Skill Level
Topics Covered
  • Post-iOS 15 world
  • Email tracking and tracked links
  • Setting up UTM variables
  • Deep funnel conversion tracking
  • Sales reports: Automation Performance Mode
  • Automating Deals to Companies
  • Tasks and task outcomes
  • Personalization with merge fields
  • Ontraport Calendar
Day 5: Ontraport’s Dynamic CMS and Sales training
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Create custom objects so you can store any kind of data for any kind of business. We’ll show you how to use those custom objects as you build with Ontraport Dynamic Content — Ontraport’s most powerful feature set to date. And we’ll make sure you’re ready to sell Ontraport using our proven sales methods.
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the three relationship types and how to relate objects via form fill-out. Make a new object called “blog comments.”
  • Build a blog from scratch.
  • Create a blog overview page using a dynamic block.
  • Learn what’s possible with HTML! Create dynamic list tags and source attributes so you can display a list (of anything you store in your CRM) on your page.
  • Enable an app and learn to customize it for your clients. Create custom fields and learn behind-the-scenes tricks for branding it. (Save yourself time and leverage this tool!)
  • Learn our proven techniques for selling Ontraport like a pro. We start with how to diagnose your potential clients’ problems through active listening and inquiry.
  • In the next stage, we’ll discuss how to effectively prescribe Ontraport as a solution for business problems, including how to handle objections.
  • Learn how to recognize buying signs and turn them into a closing.
  • Solidify your client relationship with good follow-up practices.
Skill Level
Topics Covered
  • Custom objects: Relationships
  • Ontraport’s Dynamic CMS: Dynamic templates and page types
  • Dynamic blocks (and grid mode)
  • Dynamic lists
  • Customizing Ontraport Apps
  • Sales training: Diagnosing
  • Sales training: Prescribing
  • Sales training: Getting a commitment
  • Sales training: Following up

Frequently asked questions

Check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the live training courses below. If you have additional questions, please get in touch with us by emailing

What is the refund policy for the Expert Certification course?
Your Expert Certification tickets are refundable at any time. You can also transfer your ticket to another person in your organization if you’d like. Send us an email at letting us know the name of the person you’d like to transfer your ticket to.
Do you offer discounts for groups?

Yes. Let us know how many people are in your group, and we can discuss pricing. Contact

I want to get my entire team certified as Ontraport Experts. Will you travel to us?

Please get in touch with us at to discuss details about the number of people who will participate in the course, the dates you’re interested in, and your location.

What is the process for renewing my status as an Ontraport Certified Expert?

After passing the Ontraport Certification exam, your active Expert status is valid for one year. Each subsequent year you’ll need to renew your active status by paying the $500 renewal fee and taking the online exam. Renewal exams take place every year in January; we will reach out to you via email when your certification nears its expiration.

Will I be able to attend while in a different timezone?

Yes, you will be able to view the recorded live sessions. Also, video recordings of the live sessions will be available the next business day on our event resources page. Those recordings will be available for 30 days after the course has concluded. The slides covered each day will also be posted and available to download.

If I already know Ontraport’s software very well, can I attend just the advanced sessions and take my Expert Certification exam?

Yes. If you’re only interested in the advanced content, you can skip the first three days and attend only days four and five. The cost is $1000, and you can arrange it by contacting

Are there any basic qualifications necessary to take the Expert Certification course?

Yes. To take the Expert Certification course, you’ll need to pass an “Ontraport Fundamentals” quiz. This course isn’t designed for those brand new to the software, and the quiz helps us ensure that attendees will have a quality educational experience.

I want to have someone from my marketing team or my virtual assistant become an Ontraport Expert — does it make sense to send someone other than myself to the course?

There is no better way to train your team on the strategy and software than to send them to these live training programs. We highly recommend Bootcamp for anyone who works in your Ontraport account. If you want them to take your account to the next level, we recommend sending them to go through the Certification Course.

What is the difference between the Expert Certification Course and Ontraport Bootcamp?
The Expert Certification Course is for users who already have a basic foundation of Ontraport software skills and who want to learn advanced marketing skills to use in their consulting business. Ontraport Bootcamp is designed for beginners in Ontraport’s software. It’s focused on the fundamental skills needed to implement Ontraport in your business.

Expert Certification includes five days of software and strategy training plus training on how to be a successful consultant. Bootcamp includes three days of software and strategy training.

Those in the Expert Certification course will have 30 days to submit a Certification Exam to us for grading. Those who pass the exam are recognized as Ontraport Experts and receive the benefits and privileges that go along with their new status. Bootcamp does not have an exam associated with the course.
I’ve signed up for a live training course — what should I do next?

You will receive a confirmation email and more messages with specific information beginning 30 days before your course start date.

What time will we start and end each day?

The online live course is scheduled to start at 8:30 A.M. PDT time and end at 6:00 P.M.

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