Business Building U
Develop Effective Leadership Skills, Build a Strong Organizational Foundation and Scale Your Business

Do you want to develop a unified mission, goals and values across your organization?

Are you ready to leverage your time as a leader and learn how to properly delegate and oversee successful projects?
Do you want to create a vibrant, inclusive and innovative company culture that will recruit the best and brightest employees?
As an entrepreneur, you’re responsible for a million details, projects and deadlines every day. You’ve figured out what your market wants, how to sell to them and how to deliver your unique value to the world — but executing all of those things perfectly and simultaneously is beyond what anyone can do on his or her own. Building a scalable business is about creating an organization of lasting value that allows you and your team to deliver a powerful promise to your clients, without YOU having to do it all.
What is Business Building U?

Most entrepreneurs don’t take the time (or don’t have time) to learn how to be the head of an organization and never bridge the gap between being self-employed and successfully owning a business. As an entrepreneur, your goal should be to build a productive business, not to simply create another job for yourself.

We created Business Building U so that business owners can develop the skills required to be effective and successful leaders of profitable organizations.
Imagine building a stable, scalable and lucrative business that doesn’t require you to directly manage every detail.  
Business Building U is an in-depth online course created by Ontraport President Lena Requist, who has successfully scaled multiple startups into multimillion-dollar businesses. By explaining the key components of effective leadership and operational processes, Lena will help you develop and execute a scalable organizational structure that will streamline your entire business. Plus, as an online course, Business Building U allows you to complete each lesson on your own time and at your own pace.

Lena Requist

Lena Requist, president of Ontraport, is passionate about building startups into multimillion-dollar businesses. Lena’s talent helped grow Ontraport by 5,000% in three years, landing the organization at #102 on the 2012 Inc. 500 list and #96 on Forbes' List of America's Most Promising Companies. The secret to Lena’s success is the combination of her passion for business and her unique style of management. She has fostered a culture of productivity, empowerment and free thinking at Ontraport, achieving a Stevie Award for Female Executive in Business and landing Ontraport on Outside’s Best Places to Work 2014 and 2015 and Forbes Great
What You'll Learn

Business Building U is jam-packed with tangible information and is carefully designed to allow participants to complete each lesson individually and at their own pace. Business Building U is divided into 13 courses that each tackle an important aspect of operational success:
How to develop, document and implement systems and processes that become your business’s intellectual property

What, when and how to properly delegate tasks to free up your time

How to leverage your time with an assistant
How to become an effective leader of your business
Vendors and Contracts
How to execute and manage your client and vendor contracts

How to identify, create and implement your organization’s mission

How to foster a strong organizational culture around your company’s core values

How to organize and align your company around a central focus

What S.M.A.R.T. goals are and how to successfully create and implement them throughout your organization

How to carry out clear, fair and effective disciplinary actions

Task Management
How to prioritize and manage your tasks to get everything done in an eight-hour day

How to open up the communication channels between your employees, your managers and you

Causes of Waste
How to overcome the three most common causes of waste in business

Business Building U contains the exact information and strategies that Lena uses to help mentor and scale the businesses of entrepreneurs all over the world. You can gain unlimited access to Business Building U for only $39.99 per month and, as a bonus, you will receive exclusive access to additional modules within the Ontraport Education platform. We guarantee your satisfaction with the content on our platform, and you are free to cancel your subscription at anytime with zero cancellation fees.
Here's what past participants have said:
"Wow, I have to admit even as long-time business owner, I didn't know what to expect! Thanks to the step-by-step innovative strategies I learned on the Ontraport Education site, I was easily able to systemize and create many repeatable processes in my business so Ontraport now ‘works while we sleep,’ improving our day-to-day operations. It frees up our team to provide human touches to the customer experience, and that improves our bottom line."
Joshua Ovett

"I am finally getting my freedom and my time and it’s so nice to know that I am building a business. The business is working for me rather than me working for the business. Lena, she helps you understand the processes, how to set them up, how to hire people, how to train your staff and how to make the business work after the strategy and vision have been established."

Kirill Eremenko
Founder & CEO, SuperDataScience

Your Business Building U Access Pass Includes:

More than 45 engaging and highly informative video lessons hosted by Lena that help you successfully implement growth and organizational strategies into your business  

Downloadable worksheets and contract templates to help you outline, understand and execute business-building strategies

Detailed written lessons that complement each video lesson to help you fully understand each course topic — no matter your learning style
Access to Ontraport’s library of over 30 comprehensive business-building guides that give you in-depth insight into every area of modern marketing and business

Lesson overviews and summaries for each course so that you can easily navigate and find the exact information you’re looking for

Templates for internal documents to help you organize your team’s efforts and streamline your processes

Access to all past and future Ontrapalooza business-building modules hosted by an exclusive list of industry leaders and experts who provide detailed marketing, publishing, sales and organizational strategies

Access to Driver’s Education that includes Lena’s efficiency strategies that are proven to help you streamline your workflow.

Only $39.99 per month

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to develop the skills you need to scale your operations and truly build a successful and high-functioning business.

We are so confident in the value of the content within the Business Building U course that we guarantee your satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the content, we will refund the entire cost of your subscription any time within the first month of your membership.

Isn’t it time to bridge the gap between being self-employed and owning a productive and highly-functioning business? Get your Business Building U Access Pass now.

Only $39.99 per month