Add a Personal Touch to your Email Marketing

Email is the still the most powerful medium for sending promotions, newsletters, updates and offers to your leads and customers. Make it even more effective with automated email marketing campaigns, personalized messaging and superior deliverability. Take advantage of ONTRAPORT’s dynamic segmentation features and industry-leading email delivery rates to send messages that resonate with and reach your customers every time.
Create attractive and mobile-responsive emails with just a few clicks using templates that save you time and hassle.
Easily create groups based on demographics, lead source, engagement level and other criteria to reach a highly targeted audience.
With consistently top-ranking email deliverability rates, you can rest assured that your messages will land in the inbox every time.
Ensure High-Performing Email Campaigns

We send billions of emails a year on behalf of our clients, and maintaining our high deliverability rate is one of our greatest priorities. With ONTRAPORT's integrated contact database system, you can easily segment your list using any customer data to create super-targeted groups based on demographics, interests and behavior. 

Maintain a spotless mailing reputation and earn consistently high inbox placement with a Private IP setup.

Stop running into issues that could negatively impact your email delivery with strong sender reputation management and list important review.

Keep your email open and click-through rates high with automated re-engagement campaigns.

Create groups of email recipients based on any past behavior to send relevant, responsive messages at the right time, to the right people. 

Automatically assign leads and customers to email campaigns based on any criteria, rather than moving them back and forth between lists manually.

Create groups based on lead score and demographics so you can send perfectly targeted messages that drive engagement and sales.

Monitor your bounce rate so you can remove inactive or stale email addresses from your list and avoid damaging your sender reputation.

Track when customers open or click on links inside your email messages, and use automation to follow up.

Find out what your email open rate is for every message so that you can continually optimize and improve it.
Ready to launch email marketing campaigns that drive opens, clicks and sales?

What's the definition of email marketing?
At its core, email marketing is the use of email to promote products or services, but it’s much more than that — it’s also a tool businesses use to develop relationships with potential leads and customers. Sending email creates a direct and personal line of communication between you and your contact list, making it the best way to strengthen relationships with contacts at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

What are some email marketing examples?
With email marketing, you can write and design your welcome emails, weekly or monthly newsletters, promotional offer campaigns, and any other marketing emails you think up. Need inspiration? Here are 13 examples of emails you can add your marketing campaigns.

 How can I  do email marketing?
The first step of email marketing is building your email contact list. Here’s one way. Once you have a list of people to communicate to, you can get started sending emails to specific segments. If your contact database is housed in the same platform as your email marketing system through an all-in-one platform like ONTRAPORT, this process is simple and streamlined. You’ll plan which types of emails you want to send to each segment at each stage of your customer lifecycle. You can then write and design your emails within your email marketing system — you can even use pre-designed email templates to get started faster. You can then schedule when each email will go out, and set rules to dictate what happens based on email opens or other actions. We recommend using a visual campaign builder like this so you can get a full-picture view of your email funnel.

What are some email marketing tips?
There are a lot! If you want to find out how to avoid landing in the spam folder, go here. Or maybe you’re more interested in tips about how to write emails or tips on improving deliverability. Not sure what you’re looking for? This will answer the questions you didn’t even know you had.

What email marketing strategy should I use?
To get the most out of your email marketing, it’s important to align your emails with your business goals and audiences. Is it your goal to grow by 20 percent over the next 12 months? Or to gather 25% more leads than last year? Let your goals guide your email strategy. 

Starting with your goals and audience will also lead you to selecting the types of emails that are right for you. Businesses with goals centered around growth and conversions may want to focus on offer emails, while those who want more leads may want to focus on a free value offer campaign.

How does email marketing automation work?
With email marketing automation, you can write and design your emails, and schedule them to send at any time you want. In addition to scheduling emails, many email service providers give you the option to set up triggers that start campaigns based on leads’ and customers’ actions or inaction. For example, if a lead opts in for a free piece of content on your site, you can set an email to automatically deliver that content to their inbox. Conversely, if a lead doesn’t take any actions with your business for an extended amount of time, you can set their inaction to trigger a cold lead re-engagement campaign.

Scheduling your email content with automation ensures that all of your campaigns will run on autopilot, allowing you to focus on tasks other than sending one-off emails. And perhaps even better, these messages can all be written in a personal tone and delivered to a highly targeted audience to give your list relevant experiences instead of robotic ones.