Automate and Streamline Your Sales Process
Organize your sales process

Use ONTRAPORT’s sales force automation platform to generate more prospects, nurture your leads, and close more sales.  Our automation platform allows you to optimize your entire sales process — as well as integrate with our marketing automation and CRM suites —  to create a remarkable and consistent sales experience for your customers.


Effortlessly nurture your leads into paying customers with automated engagement funnels to create consistent and remarkable client experiences.


Quickly and automatically identify your most promising leads so you can easily follow up and ensure you never lose another sale again.


Streamline your sales team with automated task prompts and lead routing to increase your overall efficiency and revenue.

Streamline your workflow with task automation

Keep your sales team on track with automated task prompts and reminders to reach out to specific leads. Once completed, select a task outcome to automatically trigger the next action. With ONTRAPORT’s task automation, you can:

Include any customer information in your task notification so you’re prepared to follow up with all the information needed to build rapport.

Set next steps to occur automatically based on the unique outcomes of each task so each lead receives personalized follow-up.

Assign individual tasks to specific members of your team so everyone stays on-task and on the same page.

Nurture your leads with automated follow-up

Create automated follow-up funnels that drive leads back to your site, build relationships, nurture prospects into leads, foster remarkable customer experiences and save time! With our sales force automation platform you can:

Measure and track contact engagement so you can easily identify your “hottest” leads.

Automate your lead generation with marketing funnels that deliver a constant stream of qualified leads to your sales team.

Engage leads using targeted emails and other media channels to build personalized relationships and increase the likelihood of sales.

Score your leads to determine your hottest prospects    

Automatically rank your contacts based on their behaviors and demographic info so that you can quickly target the most qualified leads. With ONTRAPORT’s Lead Scoring feature, you can:

Use information such as location, industry or title to rank leads and focus on conversations with the most qualified prospects.

Trigger automation based on contacts’ lead score so that you can ensure your “hottest” leads are always receiving the right follow-up.

Have your leads’ score degradation over time so that you can focus your energy on your newest leads.

Effectively distribute your leads to your sales team 

Automatically assign tasks to individual users in your account so they can easily follow up with every lead who enters your system.

Use our Round Robin feature to easily distribute leads one by one so that everyone on your sales team gets an equal number.

Use our Weighted Random feature to set percentages of leads to each user seat so your most experienced team members get a higher number of leads.

Segment leads based on any information in their contact record to create the most relevant experience for each prospect.

Boost your efficiency and your revenue.

Boost your efficiency and your revenue.