Automated Feedback Surveys with Ontraport
Gather Priceless Info About Your Leads and Customers
Get insight and feedback from your customers on how to best improve your offerings and simultaneously generate invaluable client testimonials through automated feedback surveys.
What Are Automated Surveys?
The goal of a customer feedback survey is to obtain testimonials and valuable insights about your business while also getting information about your customers themselves. An automated customer feedback survey is an online assessment sent out for your customers and leads to complete. Once submitted, lead and customer responses are sent back to you and stored in their contact records.
Why Use Automated Surveys?
Marketing and sales tactics that have worked for some might not produce the same results for your business. One of the best ways to attain crucial information from your customers is simply to ask them for it. Until you actually ask your customers the tough questions, you won’t know what may be holding back the growth of your business.
Seamlessly Gather Feedback and Testimonials

Automated customer feedback surveys make this process painless. While it’s possible to reach out to your list one-by-one via email, as your business grows, that will become expensive and time-consuming. An automated customer feedback survey solves this problem. It opens a direct line of communication with your customers that still allows you to gain essential feedback straight from the source but allows you to do it at scale.
Identify the Strengths and Pitfalls of Your Business

Part of being a successful business owner is knowing exactly who your customers are, what they like about your product, what they dislike about your product, and why. By knowing this vital information, you can begin to fix what’s wrong with your product, improve what’s right, and better understand your customers.
Where Does Ontraport Fit in With Automated Surveys?
Creating surveys online today is incredibly simple. You can easily use a popular survey service, such as SurveyMonkey, and manually send the link to your contacts via email. Some services even allow you to connect the survey with your CRM via an API key; however, manually reaching out to each one of your contacts can be a waste of time, and APIs can sometimes be a pain to deal with — not all tools play nicely with one another.

One way to avoid these hassles is to choose a CRM and marketing automation platform, such as Ontraport, that can create surveys, send them to customers, and store survey information all in the same place, in one app.
Using surveys in Ontraport is advantageous because you can automate the entire survey process and store all survey results in your contact records as contextual info without having to deal with any APIs. Plus, you can create beautiful, fully customized surveys with our powerful form builder, Ontraport Forms.

The main reason we chose Ontraport is because of its ability to scale the business and do everything in one system. The potential automation options are huge; it's just a process now of testing what works and what doesn't.

- Bob Newberry, Ontraport Customer

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