Progressive Profiling with Ontraport
Get Invaluable Information From Your Leads
Build a complete profile of your ideal customer through automated surveys to refine your marketing and sales funnels for better conversions.
What is Progressive Profiling?
In a perfect world, you’d know everything you need to know about your potential customers. While it’s impossible to be in your leads’ heads, technology makes it possible to directly ask leads and customers about themselves at various stages in the sales cycle — otherwise known as progressive profiling. A proven lead acquisition technique, progressive profiling enables you to gradually build intelligence on your captured leads using brief, iterative forms over time to avoid friction in the conversion process. Progressively asking for more information as a lead goes down your sales funnel helps you build a full profile on your target market so you can refine your marketing and sales tactics for better conversions and more sales.
Why Progressive Profiling?
Too often, marketers ask leads for an abundance of data up front. This tactic to ask for personal information all at once can be a lead deterrent. The more fields a person has to fill out on a web form, the less likely they are to complete it. Rather than attempt to build lead intelligence on a single interaction, you can strategically place dynamic web forms into any stage of your lead or customer lifecycle — lowering the psychological barrier to entry.
Gather Quality Data Seamlessly

As a lead’s trust in your brand builds, so does his or her willingness to divulge personal information. Each new interaction opens the door for you to learn a little more. The more intelligence you gather from your leads and customers, the faster you can build a more relatable and appealing brand.
Cut Your Sales Cycle in Half

Progressively collecting behavioral data allows you to effectively segment and create sophisticated marketing content to hyper-target your audience. In turn, a polished marketing strategy effectively collects more sales-ready leads.
Where Does Ontraport Fit in with Progressive Profiling?
Gathering intelligence from your target market via progressive profiling is your ticket to higher conversions, shorter sales cycles, and building public rapport with your brand. Ontraport allows you to create beautifully designed web forms with our powerful form builder, Ontraport Forms, which you can show to leads and customers automatically at any pre-set point in the sales or customer lifecycle. The software then stores all gathered data in the contact’s record as contextual info.

I genuinely feel that getting involved with Ontraport has set our business up in every way to grow from being a small business into a medium business: marketing, organization, customer management and productivity.

- Rob Malicki, Ontraport Customer

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