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Visual Contact Management
Simplify your contact management with drag-and-drop visual workflows that sync with your automation.
What is Visual Contact Management?
Visual contact workflows are a way to display contacts from your CRM database so you can immediately grasp where each one stands in a process or funnel in your business.

In these overhead views, contacts are represented as cards, similar to business cards, that display only the most critical information you want to know at a glance. The cards are sorted into columns, each representing a stage in the process or funnel.

Whether you want to see how many leads are in your sales pipeline or know which customers have completed your onboarding training, visual contact workflows quickly provide you with a level of clarity that isn’t possible with list views.

Because they’re powered by automation, visual contact workflows can act as a central command center for your team’s day-to-day work, and also give your company leaders an overhead view of performance and progress.

Why use Visual Contact Management?

When you manage your contacts using a standard list view, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of repetitive rows on the page. A visual contact workflow takes the same information but presents it in a way that gives you an immediate grasp of your contacts’ status and your funnel as a whole. 

Identify Your Team’s Greatest Opportunities and Weaknesses

When kept up-to-date, visual contact workflows give you at-a-glance access to which contacts are your team’s greatest opportunities so you can prioritize where to focus your follow-up efforts. In the same way you can see where your greatest opportunities are, visual workflows allow you to see which areas in your processes need more attention.

Make Data-Driven Decisions and Forecast Results

The ability to keep a pulse on the quantity or type of contacts in each stage of your critical systems allows you to not only gauge your team’s progress towards goals and quotas, but also to forecast results for budgeting and resource planning.

How Visual Contact Management fits with Ontraport

Visual contact workflows are built into Ontraport as an option for displaying contacts; it’s a simple toggle from “List View” to “Card View.” Unlike many visual contact management systems, with Ontraport you can customize every piece of your display; you choose exactly what information you want to show on the contact cards, which stages and funnels you want to organize contacts into, and more.

What’s especially unique about Ontraport’s visual contact management is that it’s not merely a static display of contacts — it’s fully integrated with marketing and sales force automation capabilities that enable users to truly manage the experience of each contact.

You can also create specific filters to view certain groups of contacts, use color cues to quickly understand information such as how long a contact has been in a certain stage, and set highly sophisticated automation that keeps contacts moving through your funnels at the right time. All of this functionality was built to empower team members to confidently manage contacts to better achieve goals.

You can get into it right away, load up your leads and know from a snapshot perspective exactly where your most valuable opportunities lie. This allows you to not only focus on those, but let the marketing automation focus on those less viable opportunities at any given moment.

- Dan DeAngelis, Ontraport Sr. Sales Advisor

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