Recapture Cart Abandons
Increase Revenue by Reclaiming Lost Sales
What is Cart Abandonment Follow-Up?

It’s all too common for potential customers to fill their online shopping cart only to turn tail without actually making a purchase. In fact, it’s a natural part of the online customer buying cycle. On average, 77.3% of online  shopping carts are abandoned for a number of reasons:

     •   Doubt                                   •   Indecisiveness
     •   Hidden costs                       •   Distractions

You might think that it’s only a matter of time before these abandoners come back and finish what they started. The truth is most won’t, so why leave it up to chance? To seal the leaky bucket of lost sales, a cart abandonment campaign will incentivize fickle prospects to finish what they started by following up via email automatically. This highly effective sales tactic should begin immediately after someone leaves your website with items left in the shopping cart. Once the email campaign is triggered by an abandon, potentially lost customers will receive a series of strategic emails that remind them of their full cart and persuade them to complete their purchase.

Why Follow Up with Cart Abandoners?

Each of those cart abandons is a gift that most entrepreneurs fail to take advantage of: Those abandoners are some of the hottest leads possible —  they are primed and ready to purchase. Simply following-up with those abandoners and urging them to revisit their shopping carts, could mean significantly more revenue for you.

Recover Lost Sales 

Sending an automated follow-up email or series of emails wherein you address the concerns of the buyer, or even simply remind them of an unfinished purchase, dramatically increases your chances of salvaging a sale.  
Maximize ROI Effortlessly

For businesses that implement it, automated cart abandonment follow-up can account for five to ten percent or more of annual ROI — a process no business can afford to omit.
How to Do It In Ontraport

Ontraport makes automating your cart abandonment follow-up fast and hassle-free. It starts with the platform monitoring prospects’ activity on your order pages. Should the prospects leave their goods on the table without purchasing (or even try to leave the page), Ontraport reacts automatically by reminding them of their unclaimed goods with the option of introducing a downsell or discount.

Every ecommerce store should have an abandoned cart email campaign set up and running at all times. 

- Joran Gal, CEO, CartHook
Examples of Cart Abandonment Using Ontraport

Learn How Ontraport and Cart Abandonment Follow-up Can Grow Your Business.