Personalized URLS
Increase Response Rates in Your Marketing Campaigns
What is a PURL?

Marketing has shifted away from impersonal blasts — the email equivalent of cold-calling — to personalized, direct marketing with great success. Directly addressing a lead enhances the user experience, evoking a response that not only gets your business noticed, but often results in a conversion or sale. To that end, a PURL is that extra oomph that makes your business stand out in a marketplace inundated with spammy ads.

A PURL is a “personalized URL,” aka a personalized landing page, capable of displaying variable data that’s generated for one particular recipient as part of a direct mail or email marketing campaign. So when you send Kelly an email that drives her to a PURL, instead of simply linking her to, you’ll direct her to, where she’ll see content that’s relevant only to her. The page greets the visitor by first name and prompts him or her to take one of a number of actions, such as making a purchase, updating an email address, or answering questions. 

Why Use PURLs?

Unlike standard marketing tactics, PURLs add a touch of interactivity. They are proven to increase clicks and engagement, and they also force you to the top-of-mind for those engaging with your brand.

Increase marketing response rates

Make a lasting impact with your marketing by tailoring your emails, landing pages and SMS messages to each specific recipient with PURLs. By engaging with leads on a personal level, rather than blasting them with one-size-fits-all marketing, you’re significantly boosting your chances of response.

Continually gather valuable lead data with ease

Having to re-enter your name and email address over and over again is a major deterrent for customers. PURLs negate this tedious process by allowing you to capture contact data on an ongoing basis without doubling back. Use this data to to fine-tune your marketing to target leads better further down the line.
Where Does Ontraport Fit?

Create a landing page in Ontraport, and a PURL is auto-generated for you. In an instant you have a finished, personalized portrait to which you can send contacts via direct mail or email. On an Ontraport PURL, you can host any number of merge fields to display variable data to each of your contacts. So when a contact clicks on his or her unique PURL, each merge field auto-populates with data from his or her contact record. That way, the content on each PURL — an offer, info request or anything else — appears as if it were created specifically for each contact. Thereafter, you can positively identify each visitor so you can personalize the pages they visit after the click.

Personalization is a chance to differentiate at a human scale, to use behavior as the most important clue about what people want, and more important, what they need. 

- Seth Godin, Author & Public Speaker
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