A/B Split Testing
Boost Conversions by Fine-Tuning Your Marketing Content
What is Split Testing?

In marketing, split testing is the best way to see on a granular level which aspects of your campaigns work and which don’t — taking the guesswork out of the equation.

At its most basic level, A/B split testing is pitting two or more versions of a marketing asset with a degree of variance against each other to see which performs better. This gives you valuable insight into the performance of your marketing collateral while allowing you to increase engagement, opt-ins and conversions by improving the quality of the final product.

Take a landing page for instance: A/B split testing automatically splits traffic to your pages evenly across multiple versions to measure performance side-by-side. Two versions of a page means 50% of your traffic/leads see only A while the other 50% see only version B.

Sending traffic to multiple versions of your marketing assets gives you the opportunity to test variance in messaging, design, CTAs, headlines, images, videos, subject lines, and more. By knowing what appeals most to your target market, you can optimize messages to generate more leads, lower bounce rate, increase sales and boost your marketing effectiveness.

Why Split Test?

What if your business could be better? What if you could improve your landing page conversion rate from 1% to 2%? That means doubling your results — opt-ins and sales — on just one page. That’s a huge opportunity for your business and just one of many attainable goals by means of split testing.

Boost Your Marketing ROI 

Whether your ROI is defined by short-term success or long-term clientele, split testing is a hassle-free means of getting insight into what your audience wants. Rather than spend marketing resources on guesswork, hard data determines your next move as well as where your marketing dollars will go the furthest.
Improve Your Brand and Product at Low Risk

A/B split testing does wonders for your website and marketing content. Consider it the fastest way to speak the language of your market. As you route traffic to your various marketing assets, A/B testing helps you make quick, data-driven decisions on what to tweak or remove for the highest engagement and return.
How to Do It in Ontraport

Ontraport has everything you need to split test your landing pages, emails, forms, SMS, and even retargeting ads running concurrently in each of your marketing funnels — and it really can’t be any easier. For landing pages, simply toggle on the split test button and create a duplicate version of your page with the desired variations. To split test your messages, just add a split test element to your campaign and choose to either split traffic evenly between your variate assets or route a percentage to a specific asset. As your split tests run their course, the app actively tracks your click-through, conversion and response rates — leaving you to tweak, replace or scrap what isn’t working ahead of your next campaign.

With my business, we typically run one A/B test every two weeks and, although many of the tests fail, we usually find a winner one out every four tests that boosts our conversion rate by at least 20%. 

- Neil Patel, Quicksprout
Examples of Split Testing Using Ontraport

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