Behold, an incredible new spin on lead capture with Wistia and Ontraport!

Wistia, a business-friendly video web hosting service, infuses marketing functionality with online video publishing. Their slick integration with Ontraport revolves around Wistia’s Turnstile feature: an email capture tool that makes it possible for you collect leads and segment them from within the video player interface of any Wistia video you share online.

With Turnstile enabled, you’re able to prompt viewers to submit their contact info using a simple pop-up field either before, during or after a video has played. Any email address submitted is automatically added to your Ontraport database. The integration goes as far as to tag video leads with Ontraport Contact Tags on a per video basis. Targeted follow-up has never been easier!

Consider this: you’ve released a three-part video web series exclusive to paid members of your website and you’ve posted the first video on your homepage as a free promotional teaser. Halfway through your jaw-dropping content, the video pauses and a pop-up screen appears asking your viewer to opt-in to your list if they’re interested in seeing the remainder of the video.

Or maybe you’ve posted a viral video that lives on its own page. Rather than direct people to your website to sign up, grab their email address right there and then. Satisfy your prospect’s thirst for instant gratification while getting a little something from them in return.

It’s simple: engage your audience with content, incentivize with a call to action, capture contact info, market to their interest and sell your stuff.

No Smart Form needed. No extra steps.

And you can bring those scenarios (and many like them) to life with Wistia Turnstile & Ontraport. The opportunities are endless:

  • Enable lead capturing in all your Wistia videos with a customizable call to action.
  • Segment leads coming into Ontraport via Wistia videos using Contact Tags.
  • Market to engaged prospects with targeted content.
  • Track video views using advanced analytics and heatmaps.
  • Track video campaign results with built-in engagement metrics.
  • Split test video campaigns.

Find out how you can fill your contact list with engaged leads by connecting Wistia and Ontraport here.

For more info check out the post on Wistia’s Blog.

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