Many entrepreneurs start a business to achieve freedom but later find themselves bogged down by their daily workload. Even though no-code automation and all-in-one tech can drastically ease this overwhelm, many small business owners are juggling multiple software tools which only adds to their time waste and headaches.

This sparks a few questions: Do entrepreneurs have the necessary resources to keep operations running smoothly? Is there a better way to approach time management for small business owners? What’s the best strategy to get long-term growth without burning out?

To learn more about these time management and technology trends in small business, Ontraport conducted a 2021 survey of business owners in the United States. Over 500 entrepreneurs responded. They told us about:

  • The kind of web presence they currently have
  • What they know about today’s business technologies
  • How they handle time management and hands-on tasks
  • Whether they’re ready for big tech changes in the future

Here are the top takeaways:

An infographic with the results of the Ontraport 2021 Small Business survey


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