Last week we solved 30 tickets, 22 of which were customer requests or reports. This resulted in 2 updates to the system.


We delivered 91.1 million emails on behalf of our clients. We also hosted 30.9 million landing page views and served a total of 181.2 million web requests. Our up-time this week was 100%.

New: Update UTM Fields Via API

We have added the ability to update the UTM fields in contact records via API based on matching variable names. This means that now, instead of needing to make updates using the exact ID of a UTM variable, ONTRAPORT users can also update by name. Learn about how this update makes integrations more intuitive here.

Release notes and system status can be found at

About Wilson Kwan

Wilson Kwan, ONTRAPORT's Traffic Manager, is from California's Bay Area and received degrees in Asian American Studies and Statistics from UCSB. Wilson has enjoyed many roles and apprenticeships at ONTRAPORT in customer support, tech support, email delivery and marketing. He finds enjoyment in experiencing new cultures and adventures, but is also very much devoted to his hometown basketball team and future dynasty, the Golden State Warriors.