This week we solved 140 tickets, 31 of which were customer requests or reports. This resulted in two updates to the system.


We delivered 88.7 million emails on behalf of our clients. We also hosted over 26.4 million landing page views and served over 164.7 million web requests. Our uptime this week was 100%, but we did have a couple of days where we were battling slow time.

New Features for the ONTRAPORT WordPress Plugin

The updated version of our WordPress plugin allows ONTRAPORT users to add the new ONTRAPORT Pages to their WordPress sites and add shortcodes to their ONTRAPORT Pages.

Users can build an ONTRAPORT Page that shows block A to gold users and block B to platinum members, then host it on a WordPress page, making it easier for users to get their membership content up and running.

Did You Catch Our ONTRAPORT Pages v3 Updates?

The new ONTRAPORT Pages has a drag and drop editor, order bumps, conditional blocks, jump links, columns to track unique visits and conversions, and new icons for Tags and Campaigns in Contact Records. Check out more here.

ONTRAPORT SPOTLIGHT: Pin Chen, Chief Technology Officer

Did you know ONTRAPORT’s Co-Founder and CTO, Pin Chen, is a contributing member of the Forbes Technology Council? Check out one of his articles about productive post-mortem meetings or standing out in the crowded tech world.

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