An all-in-one platform like ONTRAPORT has a lot going on under the hood. The ONTRAPORT Engineering team is constantly working to make sure uptime is 100%, millions of emails are delivered, and hundreds of tickets are solved. Here are a few more things they accomplished this month.

Help Center Tutorials Replace ONTRAPORT Projects

ONTRAPORT wants to make signing up, getting acclimated, and getting the most out of your account as easy and intuitive as possible. So, on top of a new, streamlined account setup process, the app now has a Help Center with easy-to-follow, visual tutorials of the app’s main features to help you understand how to use them and ensure you’re getting the most out of your all-in-one business software.

Did You Know What the ‘5’ Icon Was For?

When opening the ONTRAPORT app, the ‘5’ icon on the loading screen was not, in fact, supposed to count down. It represented the version number of ONTRAPORT, but it has recently been removed.

Use Your SMS Marketing Tools to Their Max

SMS messages have a maximum character count of 1,600 characters, which is now shown in the SMS message settings.

About Aslan Williams

Aslan Williams grew up in a small, southern town, tailgating at football games and watching sunsets over the Mississippi Delta. Since leaving her southern roots four years ago, she has lived in five countries, practicing yoga, teaching English and honing her marketing skills at various International internships. Now, as a recent graduate from UCSB, Aslan is applying her degrees in Communication and English in her role as Content Engagement Coordinator at ONTRAPORT.