People always want to know the big secret about how to turn around a struggling campaign. How do you know which changes to make to yield the greatest improvements?

At Basic Bananas, we’ve gotten the best results by focusing on the conversion points in our marketing — that is, any place where contacts have the option to take the next step towards buying. This could be an ad, a landing page, a checkout form, or even an email. If you use Ontraport or a visual tool that shows conversion results, you can easily find these points in your funnels by simply looking at your campaign map.

Applying Our Conversion Point Strategy

The owner of a converted Airstream Caravan recently asked us to assist with generating more bookings for his van, which he rents out for functions. Within a month of tweaking his campaign, he had already generated more bookings than in the previous three months. How did we do it? The magic came from knowing where to look.

We saw that people were already visiting his site and sending inquiries, so we looked at every conversion point. What do visitors see, where are they directed when they visit his site, and what happens when they enquire? What fires off after their inquiry? What is the follow-up process? If a potential customer is viewing your business and two of your competitors, how are you going to own that decision-making period so that they choose you?

Here’s the process we use to instantly reveal a business’s conversion points so that we can effectively focus on and track results:

Visualize Your Funnels
If you don’t already have your campaigns built out in a visual campaign builder such as Ontraport, start by making a flowchart of your funnels with all conversion points on paper. Print it so you can scribble ideas on it and carry it around to brainstorm improvements.
Visual Funnel
Brainstorm With Your Team
At Basic Bananas, we brainstorm ideas for improving both our own and our clients’ funnels with different team members. We might go to our head of branding and design to talk about ads and how we can improve creative. Then we might go to our head of marketing to find out what we could do to improve the automation steps involved.

For each area of a funnel we want to improve, we talk to the subject matter expert within our team to come up with the best solution.

Here are some examples of metrics we typically try to improve:

  1. The number of link clicks on ads
  2. Landing page conversions
  3. Checkout page/form conversions
  4. Referral stats
  5. Event attendance
  6. Sign-ups for future events
  7. Engagement stats with bonus content and follow-up

Once you’ve started the process of brainstorming and optimizing, make sure to regularly measure your results. Monitoring your metrics isn’t a ‘do it once’ approach. Set a review date, and stick to it.

With this structured approach, you’re setting yourself up for infinite growth as each conversion point can be improved continuously for better results.

About Christo Hall
Christo Hall runs Basic Bananas with his wife Franziska and their awesome team. Basic Bananas is Australia’s leading marketing education organization assisting entrepreneurs in growing their businesses with clever marketing. Christo has contributed marketing knowledge to The Huffington Post, The Anthony Robbins Institute, TEDx and Vivid, just to name a few. They use Ontraport to sell out their live events in Los Angeles and throughout Australia, plus their online programs around the globe.