SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — December 2, 2021Ontraport, the leader in CRM and marketing automation software for SMBs, today announced its new Dynamic Content Management System (CMS), a feature that makes it possible for businesses to create their own web applications to better serve their customers — without coding.

Web apps give visitors the highly personalized, engaging and convenient online experiences that are increasingly expected in the marketplace. As the first no-code web app builder that is truly meant for non-technical users, Ontraport is opening up a world of opportunity for small businesses to offer experiences on a level playing field with enterprises.

“Customer expectations continue to rise. For businesses, meeting those expectations is mission critical – and exceeding those expectations is a real competitive advantage,” commented Landon Ray, Ontraport Founder and CEO. “In the near future, customers will expect an app-like experience from every business they interact with. This is precisely why Ontraport is delivering the no-code technology that enables organizations of any size to create rich online customer experiences without the time and cost associated with developer-driven legacy approaches. With our platform, developing web apps is a straightforward process that saves both time and money.”

Ontraport’s Dynamic CMS combines the platform’s drag-and-drop web builder with its customizable, relational built-in CRM database, making it possible for businesses to easily create apps powered by their data. They can create customer portals and self-service centers, blogs, online courses and membership sites, online directories, knowledge bases, user-generated content, and other interactive experiences — all without being encumbered by technical roadblocks or hefty developer bills.

More About Dynamic CMS and the Ontraport Platform

Ontraport’s Dynamic CMS is bolstered by the platform’s robust CRM and automation feature set — giving web app creators one central software solution for all their business and marketing needs.

With Ontraport, businesses can leverage features such as a customizable CRM database, an advanced visual automation builder, enterprise-grade email and SMS marketing, online payment and subscription management, sales pipeline management, and marketing tracking to manage and choreograph complete customer journeys. They can take customers from web app and payment to email follow-up and more via one seamless platform — without the need to buy, learn and integrate multiple software products.

Other key features and benefits of Ontraport’s Dynamic CMS include:

  1. A simple drag-and-drop editor – Designed to allow non-technical users to intuitively and visually create dynamic web applications, the Ontraport platform requires no coding knowledge and is built with small businesses – not web developers – in mind.
  2. No limits on traffic, users or data storage – With a scalable relational database, Ontraport is one of the only no-code web app builders that eliminates size and capacity limits so that companies are not forced to switch platforms as their business grows.
  3. Customizable data – Users can input, access and update data manually, via online forms, through direct import or via the Ontraport application programming interface (API). They can also create custom record types to store and relate data for their web apps, without being restricted to preset options.
  4. Personalized content – Using customer data stored in their CRM database, businesses can provide individualized online experiences, such as showing relevant offers to visitors based on their web app navigation or purchase histories or different courses to members based on their subscription level.
  5. Password protection – Users can build secure, password-protected applications, including sites that offer access to online educational courses, customer self-service portals, or confidential document centers.

Growing Customer Success

The Ontraport platform is being embraced by businesses across numerous markets, ranging from business and lifestyle coaches to personal service providers and marketing agencies.

The Global Society, an organization that supports Australian university students traveling abroad, plans to use Ontraport’s new Dynamic CMS capabilities to expand its offerings. According to Chief Operating Officer Rob Malicki, “There have been lots of things on my wish list for the business — but just the idea that we would need to get another piece of technology to do those things has been discouraging. Now we can do it all in Ontraport, which allows us to build something incredibly complicated without additional complexity and cost.”

Rachel Jones, business strategy coach and co-founder of a small business advisory firm the Bold B, has seen firsthand the cost- and time-saving benefits of the integrated Ontraport solution. “We had a client using another software that had gone through three different developers and spent over $80,000 to get her site to work the way she wanted — and it still was never completed,” she said. “All of the functionality she needed is available in Ontraport and would have saved her so much time, money and stress.”

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About Ontraport

Ontraport is a no-code business software that empowers service businesses to systemize and scale. Ontraport manages and automates the entire buying cycle, resulting in faster growth while freeing up business owners and teams to deliver more customer value. Ontraport’s full set of marketing, sales and business operations features include CRM, automation, payments, sales pipeline, web apps, tracking, email and SMS, landing pages, membership sites and more. Service providers of all kinds — including consultants, agencies, coaches and advisors, attorneys, physicians, spas and more — trust Ontraport to achieve more growth with less work. For more information, visit