Do you ever wonder why your content isn’t converting?

Video marketing is a proven way to improve conversion rates by fostering an emotional connection to your brand. In this ONTRApalooza talk, Wistia’s Kristen Craft teaches you how to effectively communicate your products through video creation.

Looking for something specific? Jump into a topic:

01:38 — Create an emotional connection with your audience

05:30 — Invite your audience to be a part of your community by empowering them

08:15 — Find what’s sexy about your company

14:31 — What’s better than going viral? Going viral within your targeted audience

17:21 — Transparency evokes empathy

20:23 — Spice up the customer relationship — tell your story from a clever angle

23:10 — Everyone loves a hero

25:34 — Creating videos that will drive you toward your goal

31:15 — Wait, aren’t videos hard to make?

41:05 — Leverage your data to make better content


Kristen Craft

kristen craft wistia video

As the Director of Business Development at Wistia, Kristen Craft enjoys helping people use video more effectively in their market. She loves working with Wistia’s partner community: building connections with other companies that care about video marketing. Kristen holds advanced degrees in business and education from MIT and Harvard. In her spare time, she brews and drinks a variety of beer.

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