Ever browsed the internet for a new pair of shoes, camping gear or a yoga class and then the next time you open Facebook, that exact product is right there on the side of your browser, reminding and tempting you? It’s definitely not a coincidence. In fact, it’s the result of a well-planned and well-executed retargeting campaign.

Retargeting (sometimes referred to as remarketing) is an advertising strategy where you track your website visitors who don’t take a specific or desired action (such as filling out a form, requesting a consultation or purchasing a product) and then systematically show them ads on another platform (like Facebook) in an effort to get them to come back to your site and complete the action.

Retargeting campaigns take the opposite approach of more traditional advertising strategies that target people who most likely have never heard of your product (sometimes called cold audiences). Instead, retargeting campaigns are based on the idea that someone who’s already shown interest in your business is more likely to convert into a customer than someone who doesn’t know who you are.

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To put numbers behind this, we conducted a quick test. We advertised an offer to a cold audience that our ad buying team created in Facebook’s Ad Manager. The cold ad campaign results were:

  • Cost Per Click: $5.27
  • Click Through-Rate: 0.45%
  • Cost Per Acquisition: $142.51

Then, we promoted the exact same offer to a retargeted audience of leads who had previously visited our website. The results pretty much speak for themselves:

  • Cost Per Click: $1.03
  • Click Through-Rate: 0.76%
  • Cost Per Acquisition: $11.29

So, how do you find your leads on Facebook?

Integrating your CRM, sales and marketing data directly with your Facebook Ad program is one of the most effective strategies to build a robust and high-converting retargeting campaign.

Facebook Custom Audiences allows you to reach leads and customers on your list with ads on Facebook. Simply upload a list of contact info such as email addresses or phone numbers. Integrating your Ontraport account with Facebook Custom Audiences makes this even easier: If an email address in your Ontraport account matches a Facebook email address, it will link the two together. Facebook also uses pixeling to track if a contact has used another email address, which it will try to match as well.

Ontraport delivers your ads to your contacts who are on Facebook so you never have to manually export and import contact data; your Facebook Custom Audiences will automatically update with new leads and customers so you can send your audience the right ads at the right time.

You can also automatically update each contact’s custom audience membership in real-time based on pages viewed (or not viewed), products purchased (or not), webinars registrations or attendances (or not), links clicked, internal notes or field changes made by your sales team, or any other updates to your contact records.

In addition to retargeting those who’ve shown interest in a particular subject or your product, you can target them based on any data stored in your Ontraport account. Imagine running a birthday offer ad campaign on Facebook perfectly timed for each contact. Or running ads based on the contact’s stage in your funnel, with relevant CTAs.

How to connect your Facebook Ad account to Ontraport:

  1. Create a Facebook Developers account.
  2. Create a Facebook Ads account.
  3. Connect Ontraport to Facebook.

Once you’ve linked your Facebook account to your Ontraport account, you’re all set to start automating your Facebook Custom Audience targeting. For more in-depth information, please visit our Knowledge Base.


Have you been using a retargeting campaign in your business or want to get started with one? Let us know in the comments below!

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