Now you can use your voice to run your business anywhere in the world.

Meet Olivia by ONTRAPORT — your new hyper-mobile business consultant. You can talk to Olivia as you would to your best friend. For example, you might say, “Olivia, let’s review my marketing dashboard,” “Olivia, let’s write an email” or “Please delete my browser history from the last 35 minutes.”

Olivia not only listens to everything you tell her, she also has your back. She navigates your all-in-one business solution ONTRAPORT from the cloud with ease to make managing your business on-the-go more convenient than ever.

Then, just like a personal assistant, she responds to your every question, command, and violent outburst. Olivia schedules sales calls, sends messages, builds marketing campaigns, questions your self-worth and more. How much more? Much more than you asked for.

About Martin Cogburn

Martin Cogburn, ONTRAPORT's Senior Content Strategist, cherishes and strives to master the art of great storytelling. Originally from Frankfurt, the German native attended UCSB after growing up in the Santa Barbara area. Martin wears multiple hats in his role at ONTRAPORT: story producer, blog author, scriptwriter, and content curator -- all of which get his creative juices flowing. On top of that, he's an avid film enthusiast. Name any movie and there's a pretty good chance Martin can tell you all about it.