Are you satisfied with the number of prospects you generate but continuously struggle with what to do once you get those leads through the door? Having a low conversion rate of leads to customers is frustrating — and trying strategy after strategy with no results gets old quickly.

With all the leads that you are generating, following up with each one can feel like a logistical nightmare that you simply don’t have the time to deal with.

And when you do finally make the time to follow up with leads, you aren’t entirely sure how to go about it. You might be uncertain what kind of talking points would resonate with your audience, how to quell their reservations about purchasing your product, or even when to contact them.

All of these factors combined are hurting your bottom line. You’re tired of spending countless hours and wasting your marketing budget on generating leads that just turn into dead ends. You don’t want another off-the-wall conversion strategy; you just want something to work. There has to be a straightforward way to get customers, right?

Most Business Owners Aren’t Professional Marketers

Most small businesses struggle with effective marketing and conversion strategy. In fact, according to Capterra, 76% of small business owners report facing marketing challenges, especially when it comes to online marketing. And it makes sense why. In today’s crowded online marketplace, there’s just too much competition to simply throw up a website, choose a pricing model, start driving traffic to your site and expect visitors to convert into customers. Your leads are expecting to be nurtured before they buy.

Let an Offer Funnel Do the Follow-Up For You

There’s no question that many potential sales get caught in the gap between lead and customer. Whether your leads are forgetting about your product, hesitating before they purchase because they don’t have enough information, or just being flakey — bridging that gap just takes one thing: lead nurturing. You can easily nurture your leads through an email offer funnel, which is a series of emails that are meant to push each contact who receives them towards the product you’re promoting. Each email focuses on a different angle, meant to address the different emotions and hesitations that your audience experiences and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

Stop Wasting Time on Conversion Strategies That Don’t Work

You might be wondering if an offer funnel email campaign is actually going to make a difference in your business. The simple answer is: yes. Think about it this way: Rather than focusing your energy and marketing budget solely on lead generation, you need to focus on creating personal relationships with those prospects. In fact, 73% of leads are not initially ready to purchase the first time they interact with your business. According to How to Write the Ultimate Offer Funnel, “Your web visitors are not going to just automatically turn into new customers and, similarly, your existing customers aren’t going to continue to buy from you without a little nurturing.” You might need to make multiple points of contact to nurture your customer relationship forward, which is exactly what an offer funnel accomplishes.

Implementing an Offer Funnel Is Your Ticket to More Sales

Writing and implementing an email offer funnel will allow you to:

  • Automatically follow up with hot leads so that your prospects never get lost in the grey area between lead and customer.
  • Keep your products at the top of your lead’s minds so that your business never falls behind in the crowded online marketplace.
  • Nudge your leads along the customer journey without being overbearing so you can maintain a steady stream of sales.
  • Test different types of content so that you can generate data on what your audience responds best to.
  • Address different emotions and mitigate doubts that your customers may be feeling so that they don’t hesitate to buy your product.
  • Become a consistent name in your lead’s inboxes so that you can establish trust and develop a familiar relationship with them.  

For in-depth information on exactly how to create the ultimate offer funnel, check out our guide How to Write the Ultimate Offer Funnel.

About Tatiana Doscher
Campaign Strategist Tatiana Doscher is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara with a dual B.A. in Communication and Global Studies. After working with several small and local businesses, Tatiana joined Ontraport’s Marketing team. She loves running, hiking and enjoying Santa Barbara’s beautiful beaches.