Convert Your Prospects Into Paying Customers With the Ultimate Offer Funnel Email Campaign

You need more paying customers — which means you need to create offer funnels that convert. And the first part of that strategy is to write email copy that focuses on and connects with your audience.

In How to Write the Ultimate Offer Funnel, learn exactly how to write email copy for an offer funnel that will emotionally resonate with your audience and successfully nurture them into customers.

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In This Free Guide, You'll Get:

The anatomy of an offer email so that you know exactly what elements you need to include

The five unique angles you should take when writing your offer funnel so each email will resonate with a different portion of your audience

Tips on how to craft enticing email subject lines that will boost your open rates

Written example email copy with explanations about the way it’s written so that you can conquer writer’s block and translate the template to your brand

Tips on what content to avoid in your emails so that you can magnetically attract customers

Explanations of how to maintain a consistent call to action throughout your entire funnel so that your customers follow through and purchase your product

A hands-off approach of waiting for your leads to turn into customers on their own can be very frustrating and inefficient. If you’re ready to craft an offer funnel that will nudge your prospects along the customer journey and boost your conversions through the roof, enter your email now for access to this free guide.

No matter how amazing your product or your business is, your offer to potential customers will fall on deaf ears if your email copy is about you. The key to getting your audience to listen is to make it about them. Your offer emails need to focus on solving a problem or offering a benefit that's important to your audience.

Meagan Monroe - Digital Marketing Manager at RentTrack