Every email is a blank slate — full of potential. It’s the start of a conversation with someone that could help you grow your business.

While this is an exciting idea, when it comes down to actually sitting down to create the email, you may find yourself struggling to begin writing, even if you’re a seasoned email marketer. It doesn’t help that there are a number of factors that make creating an email today seem seriously intimidating.  

The Rumors About Email Marketing

You may have heard the rumors about “the death of email” thanks to the rise of new channels of communication such as social media and text messages.

These are the very channels that many say have contributed to the general population’s dwindling attention span. A recent study found that the human attention span has actually shortened over the past decade. This means it’s harder than ever to get a recipient to read your full subject line, let alone your entire email.

Grabbing leads’ attention amid other messages from family and friends is hard enough. Now, with so many other businesses flooding your prospects’ inbox with similar emails, you might feel like you’re just another drop in the bucket and be discouraged from writing the emails altogether. As digital marketing expert Ryan Deiss notes, “Today, we’re drowning in email with billions of messages hurtling through cyberspace on a daily basis. And it won’t be letting up anytime soon.”

Is Email Marketing Worth Your Time?

You might begin to feel that it’s not worth your time — but we assure you, it really is. With email marketing delivering a $38 return for every $1 spent, that blank email holds the potential to drastically improve your business. Despite the fact that 49% of businesses have increased the time they dedicate to social media, with 74% having at least one person dedicated to social, only 39% of them have seen a return on their investment.

Make no mistake: There’s a lot of competition but, even in a crowded inbox, every once in a while, there will be a standout email. These emails are ones in which each aspect has been thoughtfully planned out to keep recipients engaged and interested from beginning to end.

As marketing expert Neil Patel says, “It’s crucial to know the tricks of the trade. Getting people to notice your emails, open your emails, click on the stuff in your emails, and respond to your emails is tricky.”

The Key to Creating Emails Your Leads Can’t Wait to Open

When you break down the creation of an email into individual pieces with specific attention to each section, everything becomes a lot easier.

Any great recipe simply comes down to higher-quality ingredients. It’s up to you to split the email up and optimize each section to create something that your leads want to consume. With 60% of consumers saying that email marketing influences them to make a purchase, it’s definitely worth the time to study up on how to create a persuasive email.  

Even with just a few simple tweaks, you can see a dramatic boost in conversions and keep your readers engaged — you just need to know how to tweak each part of your email.

What the Perfect Email Can Do For Your Business

With the right email construction strategies you can:  

  • Quickly and easily write compelling body copy that persuades your visitors to convert
  • Save time trying to guess how to talk to your leads so you can spend more time building your business
  • Learn how to harness the cost-effective power of email marketing so you don’t have to spend a fortune on other marketing channels
  • Discover opportunities to be seen in the personal, private context of your customers’ email inboxes so you can grab and hold their full attention with fewer distractions
  • Talk in a way that establishes rapport and builds stronger relationships with existing customers so you can see larger and more frequent sales from happy, engaged customers
  • Effortlessly segment and personalize your email messages so you can improve brand loyalty by focusing on what each customer values most

To learn more about how you can use email marketing to build profitable relationships with your customers for a reliably impressive marketing ROI, check out How to Craft the Perfect Email.

About Camille Smith
Originally from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, Content Marketing Strategist, Camille Smith came out to California to attend UCSB and fell in love with Santa Barbara’s perfect mountain to ocean ratio. During her time in college, Camille also worked on the growth marketing teams for several technology companies. When she’s not putting her Communication degree to use at work, she’s using her minor in French to remind everyone the correct pronunciation of her name à la française (pronounced cah-mee, not kah-meal).