Ontraport users can now create landing pages with ease and freedom using our redesigned Ontraport Pages.

We’ve simplified the page-building experience to enable anyone to create a page, without the need for a web developer or graphic designer, and we’ve released barriers so users can fully customize the design and layout of their pages. We’ve also added several highly requested features, such as order bumps and mobile view customization and incorporated industry-leading capabilities for page personalization.

“With the leading landing page builder now natively available in our platform, there’s no reason for Ontraport users to buy, learn and manage other page builders,” said Ontraport CEO Landon Ray. “We are delivering on our promise to our current and future customers by providing everything they need to efficiently manage all of their marketing and sales in one platform.”

Complete Customization Opportunity, Without the Complexity

When creating a page in Ontraport Pages, you have 100% flexibility over its design, content and layout — there are no restrictions keeping you from creating unique, tailored pages that represent your brand.

“You have control over every bit of your page, down to the really fine-grain details,” Landon said. “You’re going to be able to do anything you want to the look and feel — there’s not much you can’t do.”

You’re going to be able to do anything you want to the look and feel — there’s not much you can’t do.
Landon Ray

While there are infinite ways you can adjust settings to create just the right look for your page, that doesn’t mean you’ll see a busy, overwhelming interface.

“We’ve focused on usability and hiding away the complexity until you really want it,” Landon said. You’ll see preset palette options covering the essentials at the forefront, and you can toggle on more advanced settings for intricate customization when desired.

A Clean Interface That’s Extremely Easy to Use

Likewise, the experience of creating a page is far less clunky and chaotic than commonly found in other tools.

“Other tools are trying to do too much on one screen,” Landon said. “You roll your mouse over the screen and things flash as you hover over different parts … you can’t see where you’re moving things, and it’s really touchy so if you accidentally click two pixels away from where you want to be, you’re lost.”

Ontraport Pages solves that problem by separating the modes for editing the elements on the page, such as text and images, from the blocks that make up the page layout. This way, you’re seeing only the settings you need to see, when you need to see them, creating a cleaner and smoother page creation experience.

The ability to simply drag and drop any element or block on the page to where you’d like, as well as to see exactly the changes you make as you make them, add to the intuitive ease of page creation.

Additionally, although you have the opportunity for complete customization of pages, you can choose to start with one of our library of pre-designed page templates and then tailor it to your liking. You can also choose from pre-created blocks for common necessities, such as pricing tier displays or order forms, as well as preset icons, call-to-action buttons and more to make your page-building experience quicker and easier.

Exclusive Ability to Personalize Your Pages

One of the most unique capabilities of the new Ontraport Pages comes thanks to its home within Ontraport’s all-in-one platform. Using the information you have about customers in your Ontraport CRM database, you can create personalized landing page experiences for each page visitor.

The new dynamic content capabilities in Ontraport Pages allows you to show different content or offers to different page visitors based on who they are, where they came from, and more.  

“This is an absolute industry ‘first,’” Landon said. “You can leverage the data in your system to create really targeted and unique web experiences for every individual on your list.”

You’ll simply adjust your settings within a page block to dictate which visitors see which blocks, and the system will automatically generate the correct block based on tracking data when a visitor opens your page.

Many More Highly Requested Features

Everything we develop is with our customers’ needs and desires in mind. In addition to the significant enhancements described above, we’ve added a variety of features that can greatly improve the look and functionality of your pages. Here are some highlights:

Order Bumps

Order bumps are upsell or cross-sell offers that you can tack onto an order page. If buyers check the box to add the item to their purchase, the item is automatically added to their order and the price is adjusted to reflect it.

Mobile View Customization

You can view how your page appears on mobile and desktop side-by-side and even choose which blocks to display on desktop versus which to display on mobile. You can also rearrange your blocks to appear differently on desktop or mobile, or choose some blocks to display only on one or the other, to ensure you’re providing a clean and effective experience on all device types.

Improved Color and Font Management

Font options are displayed in the actual font so you can see what they look like before selecting them, making it much easier and faster for you to select the right fonts for your page. A new color picker allows you to select from colors or create a custom color. You can also save your favorite colors and fonts as “favorites” to easily access and reuse.

Delayed Display of Blocks and Sticky Blocks

Another way to provide individualized experiences on your pages, you can set a block to show up after a visitor is on the page for a certain period of time. For example, you may want to display the “BUY NOW” button only after the visitor has watched your webinar video on the page. You can also set your blocks to be “sticky” so that they stay on the page even when a visitor is scrolling down the page.

Custom HTML Elements

You can now incorporate custom HTML elements anywhere on your page rather than needing to create an entire block to house your custom code.

These new features are just the beginning of what’s to come with Ontraport Pages. Be sure to check out the page builder in your account, and stay tuned for news of another significant upgrade that will make your landing pages even stronger.

About Angela Fornelli
Angela Fornelli is a writer and editor with over a decade of experience covering the healthcare, aviation, and technology industries. A Chicago native, she currently serves as Ontraport's managing editor and has a Bachelor's in Journalism from the University of Illinois.