As an Ontraport user, you may not realize it, but you’ve already got everything you need to set up your own membership site.

Ontraport’s native PilotPress plugin, which comes free with your account, provides a large set of features allowing you to create membership levels, drip content, show/hide pages, host videos, and more. Plus, paired with the power of your Ontraport account, you can personalize your member experiences and manage payments and subscriptions seamlessly.

“If you’re using PilotPress to its full potential, there’s really no need to use another membership plugin,” said Ontraport Campaign Manager, Sam Flegal. “It’s robust — it can do everything.”

Here are nine of the most powerful PilotPress features that you may not know about:

1. Show/Hide Content Based on Membership Level

A core revenue-boosting strategy for many membership sites is to encourage members to upgrade to higher levels of access. The ability to show/hide content based on membership level is one way to ignite “fear of missing out” and up the likelihood of next-level purchases.

The “show-if” function on PilotPress allows you to utilize shortcode tags around blocks of content so you can customize which pages, content and navigation your members see or don’t see based on their membership level. For example, you could allow a member with bronze-level membership to see a teaser for what silver and gold levels get and incorporate a call-to-action button to subscribe to those levels.

2.“On Error” Redirect

When site visitors try to visit a page they don’t have access to, rather than simply directing them to an error or login page, you can specify a page to redirect them to.

That page can then serve as your opportunity to suggest the visitors purchase access to the page they were trying to visit. You can do this on a per-page basis, meaning you can customize the redirect page based on which content the person is trying to access.

3.“Show in Navigation” Checkbox

In addition to showing inaccessible pages or blocks of content to incite upgrades, you can also show pages in navigation menus to non-members or to members without that level of access.

Simply select the “Show in Navigation” checkbox, and your opportunity for upsell or cross-sell is right there in the navigation, ready to be clicked.

4. Merge Fields to Personalize Pages

Personalization goes a long way toward making members feel a connection with you and a part of your member community. With PilotPress, you can use any information from your members’ Ontraport contact records as merge fields to tailor your pages directly to the member viewing them.

You can simply use it for adding a “Welcome back, [First Name]!” message on your homepage, or you can use it for more complex information, such as showing the date and time of your next recurring phone call appointment on the member’s “appointments” page.

5. Login Redirect by Membership Level

You can personalize the experience for your members by using shortcodes in PilotPress to redirect customers upon login to a specific page based on their membership level, rather than to a general default landing page. So, you could redirect gold members to a welcome page tailored to them, silver members to the silver page, and so on.

6. Forms and Media on Pages

You’ve likely already got videos, images, smart forms, order forms and other media stored in your Ontraport account that you’ll want to incorporate into your membership site pages. With the PilotPress “Add Ontraport Media” icon in the WordPress editor, you can simply select your media and place it on your page — no need for copy/pasting code.

7. Release Drip Content

Especially useful for those offering educational information that should be consumed piece by piece, you can drip content to your members on a certain time interval or based on rules after they complete a course or quiz.

For example, you can create a multiple-choice quiz (via a form) at the end of a course. Then, using math fields, you can automatically grade that quiz and, if they pass, grant them access to the next level. If they fail, put them on a sequence to encourage them to try again. Or, if you don’t use quizzes, you can simply create a rule on your sequence to up the level of access for members every time you have a new lesson available.

8. Customer Center

Part of being a member is managing subscriptions, payments and account settings. By configuring your Customer Center to allow PilotPress to communicate with Ontraport, you can allow your customers to manage their accounts, including changing their credit card details and viewing their invoices — taking those administrative tasks off your plate.

9. Sync WordPress Users to Your Ontraport Contacts

Perhaps the greatest benefit to having a membership site connected to your CRM is that it syncs users’ course progress and other user data with their contact record in Ontraport. This allows you to send your contacts personalized follow-up via email or SMS based on their interactions with your membership site.

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Angela Fornelli is a writer and editor with over a decade of experience covering the healthcare, aviation, and technology industries. A Chicago native, she currently serves as Ontraport's managing editor and has a Bachelor's in Journalism from the University of Illinois.