If Not, It’s Time to Get the Training You Need to Take It to the Next Level

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s decided to automate your business with ONTRAPORT or a marketer using ONTRAPORT to achieve greater results for your company, building your automation skills and deepening your understanding of modern marketing strategies is critical for your success.

Critical – But Not Always Easy

If you’re going to fully implement automation and achieve your ambitious goals, you’re going to need the skills to leverage all the tools at your fingertips. Whether you’re an ONTRAPORT expert yourself or still trying to figure out the basics, it’s important for you to know how to use all the features available so that you can fully execute the strategies you come up with and so that you can automate the tasks that take up all your time to increase your productivity.  But if you’re like most entrepreneurs and busy marketers, you probably don’t have much extra time in your schedule to sit down and learn on your own.

Even if you do know how to work the basics in ONTRAPORT, that still doesn’t guarantee you’re getting the most out of the platform. You know there’s a lot more power under the hood than you’ve used so far, and you know that there are many features that you haven’t even touched yet. To get the most out of your investment, you need to be comfortable using all the tools available and even coming up with innovative new ways to apply them to your business.

What’s more, you know you need to spend some time working out the details of the modern marketing tactics that you’re planning to execute in the near future. When you do manage to find some time to get elbow deep into your marketing, you realize that you’re not even sure where you should get started or what you should spend your time doing. It seems as though you missed the boat because all your competitors are now following some new strategy that you’ve never even heard of.  There are so many crazy new marketing “hacks” that are supposedly getting huge results for the experts – but really what you have are dozens of bits and pieces that you have no idea how to put together. There’s Periscope, SnapChat, Email Marketing, Blogging, Pinterest, Facebook Ads, YouTube, Google Adwords, Content Marketing, SEO… and the list goes on. With so many options, you just aren’t sure what to tackle first, because you don’t know what will make the biggest impact for your business.

Don’t Have Everything Running Like Clockwork Yet? You’re Not the Only One…

As frustrating as it may be to feel behind the curve on automating your business and fully executing modern marketing strategies, you’re not the only one struggling to use your tools to their full potential. Incomplete follow-through is actually one of the most common problems for businesses who’ve made the decision to automate. Implementation of marketing automation technology is such a common obstacle for businesses that consulting firm Sirius Decisions indicates that out of B2B marketers using a marketing automation platform, 85% feel they are not using it to its full potential. That’s a lot of missed opportunity.

And when it comes to feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities of modern marketing, you’re not the only one who’s hesitant. That feeling is pretty common among ONTRAPORT users. How do we know? In our annual user survey, 14% of users reported feeling lost when it comes to marketing, while the majority of users (58%) reported feeling comfortable with just the basics – only 28% reported greater proficiency.

Most entrepreneurs and marketers don’t have everything figured out, and there’s nothing like having access to a powerful all-in-one marketing and automation tool to make you realize that your marketing tactics could use some work.

It’s Time to Learn Software Basics, Advanced Tips and Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re ready to move beyond the basics of marketing, or you’re confident in your marketing and technical prowess but you still haven’t fully leveraged all the features available in ONTRAPORT as part of your larger strategy, we know that you’re missing is a big-picture, start-to-finish concept of how to actually implement the strategies that will make the biggest difference for your business’s success.

Most entrepreneurs and marketers know some marketing hacks, one-dimensional strategies and quick fixes to boost the monthly numbers in a pinch – but here’s what they don’t know: how to actually put all the pieces together with a clear strategy. According to Smart Insights, a full 50% of organizations do not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy. If you’re just improvising when it comes to launching new marketing campaigns or jumping from trend to trend without fully executing any strategy from start to finish, it’s unlikely that you’ll see actual results. Without a clear picture of how to get from start to finish, how are you really supposed to know where to spend your valuable time and effort?

After you’re confident in the marketing strategies you want to work toward, we can equip you with the software skills to really pull them off. This is why we created our annual event and marketing summit, ONTRApalooza – to create a chance for you to learn new skills, come up with new ideas, and discover new opportunities to make a difference for your business.

ONTRApalooza Is Designed to Give You the Skills to Get Incredible Results

Hundreds of entrepreneurs, marketers and small business owners have attended ONTRApalooza and left with a clear picture of what their strategy should be, equipped with the insights, know-how and tools to follow through and fully execute it to completion. One of those entrepreneurs was Trish Radge, who traveled from Queensland, Australia to attend ONTRApalooza with her husband and business partner Nick. Trish and Nick left ONTRApalooza with a big list of 38 items to implement in their business.  A year after attending ONTRApalooza, she told us this: “It was a big investment for us to travel from Australia to ONTRApalooza… but it was well worth it. We saw a 25% increase in income over the year that we came away and put all our 38 actual items into place. 25% on an existing business that was already doing pretty well was fantastic. We were very happy. If you’re thinking about going to ONTRApalooza, I would say definitely do it.” ONTRApalooza gave Trish and Nick a clear idea of how to move forward in their business – and it can do the same for you.

Will This Make a Big Difference For Your Business? We Think So

To provide the clarity of vision you need to actually implement modern online marketing strategies from start to finish, we’ve created a marketing event that’s unlike any other. At ONTRApalooza 2016, you will learn:

  • How to design and implement a high-value content marketing strategy for your business so you can attract more qualified leads without spending more time prospecting.
  • Secrets for automating your marketing processes that will save you hours that you can spend on new strategies while producing reliable results on autopilot.
  • Tips for segmenting and managing your email list to send the most targeted, engaging messages and watch your response rate go through the roof.
  • How to establish and improve your web presence to reach more potential customers by boosting your brand’s visibility and credibility.
  • Software skills for building effective autoresponders to automate interactions with customers and leads so you can stop spending hours in your inbox.

And, most importantly,

  • You’ll get the insight and support you need to develop a kick-butt marketing strategy that fully leverages the power of automation to unleash the rapid growth in your business that you’ve only dreamed of.

About Megan Monroe

Associate Editor Megan Monroe is a graduate of Santa Barbara’s Westmont College where she studied Philosophy and Communications. After working for several local small businesses (where she gained firsthand experience with the frustration of manual segmentation and follow-up), Megan joined the Ontraport Growth Team. When she isn’t writing marketing copy, social media posts or educational guides for entrepreneurs, she enjoys taking advantage of the Central Coast's amazing wineries and cooking without following a recipe.