7 Underutilized ONTRAPORT Features to Jumpstart Your Marketing Automation

7 Underutilized ONTRAPORT Features to Jumpstart Your Marketing Automation

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So you’ve set up your ONTRAPORT account and are humming right along. Your business is fully automated, growing steadily, and your dream of freedom from menial labor has come true.

Yet as you chug along with great zeal, odds are you’ve left a few stones unturned. ONTRAPORT is, after all, rich in business and marketing features. What you might perceive as bells and whistles could easily be making you more money or filling gaps in internal business processes you didn’t know you had.

To ensure you’re maximizing your ONTRAPORT account, we’ve pulled together a list of incredible, yet woefully underutilized features:

1. Lead Scoring

Knowing who your hottest and most engaged leads are ensures you aren’t wasting time and money marketing to the wrong people. Lead Scoring, when activated, ranks your prospects automatically by assigning a point value to them as they engage with you. Those ready to buy and those who need further nurturing are easily identifiable without any tedious sorting. Once you’ve established what makes good leads and how to engage them – based on your own criteria – you’re able to route those leads to your salespeople or to targeted follow-up sequences automatically. ONTRAPORT’s Community Manager Frank Hagan stresses, “Lead scoring allows you to find those needles in the haystack of leads you have in ONTRAPORT. By defining what makes a good lead for your business and assigning points to those contacts to meet your criteria, you’re able to sort out the hottest, most qualified leads in real time.” To summarize, lead scoring helps you do three things:

1. Identify your most engaged prospects.

2. Identify re-engaged leads in your database.

3. Single out hot/engaged prospects for a unique sales experience.

Learn more about lead scoring with these extensive resources:

 2. Task Outcomes

Sam Flegal, ONTRAPORT Marketing Manager, says, “Tasks and Task Outcomes are the first feature I tell clients about when they ask me how to get more out of their account.”

Not all business processes can be entirely mechanical  as some processes demand a human touch such as a phone call. That’s where Task Management comes in. Tasks are automated prompts or reminders to perform a manual action such as placing a phone call to a contact. For every Task you create in ONTRAPORT, you’re able to designate a number of Task Outcomes that plug right back into your automation by triggering Rules. So once a Task is complete, the person responsible for its execution selects an outcome, and the process continues.

For instance, let’s consider a Task called “sales call” for which there are several possible Task Outcomes, such as “Interested but needs more time,” “Not interested,” “Left a message,” or “No answer.” When you create a new Task, either as a one-off Task or a Task step in a Sequence, you’ll have the option to choose the Task type. Upon completing the Task, select a Task Outcome from the list of options you’ve created. This, in turn, triggers a Rule to perform any automated action you specify.

3. Fulfillment Lists

For those businesses that commonly ship products or need a weekly inventory of leads/customers who have performed a certain action, Fulfillment Lists are your life preserver.

Let’s say, for instance, you use an outsourced pick-n-ship shop to fulfill shipping orders, and you’d like to automate that process. ONTRAPORT will directly and regularly (at an interval of your choice) email the shop your fulfillment list, rather than you having to fax or mail anything over personally.

On that fulfillment list, you’ll enter the recipient, the frequency at which the recipient will receive the list, and the fields from your contact database your recipient may need which you’d like to appear on the list. The fields selected will display as columns in the resulting CSV spreadsheet that is sent out.

4. Facebook Integration

By adding ONTRAPORT’s “Connect with Facebook” button to your web page, you’re leveraging the ubiquity of Facebook to capture more opt-ins. It’s no industry secret that the more actions required of a lead to fill out a web form, the more likely they are to bail. Convenience equals greater conversions. Playing to their instant gratification, leads will find themselves one easy click away from opting in to your database. For each click by a new contact, the ‘Connect with Facebook’ button generates a new contact record, and it’ll populate with info pulled directly from your contacts’ Facebook profile such as their likes and groups. That information will allow you to effectively segment those leads so you can send them targeted content as you nurture them to a sale.   In addition to our basic Facebook integration, ONTRAPORT’s Custom Audiences feature now allows you to seamlessly integrate your CRM, sales and marketing data directly with your Facebook Ad program so you never have to manually export and import contact data again. With this feature you’ll be able to:

  • Connect your Facebook and ONTRAPORT accounts together
  • Keep your Facebook Custom Audiences automatically updated with new leads and customers so you don’t waste another penny trying to re-convert the same people
  •  Leverage the data in ONTRAPORT to automatically add or remove contacts to Facebook Custom Audiences with Rules so you can send your audience the right ads at the right time

This feature will revolutionize the experience of creating and automatically updating custom audiences for any business owner using (or thinking about using) Facebook ads.

5. SMS

SMS represents a MASSIVE white space in marketing — and it’s often omitted in favor of social media or email marketing. Did you know that 90% of SMS text messages are read within three minutes of delivery. It’s time to put SMS in your quiver of marketing tools.

As it stands, SMS engagement is 6-8x higher than that of traditional email marketing. That’s incredible and, if you think about it, almost too obvious. How often is your phone not within arm’s reach – day or night? The engagement – or at least visibility – of your message is all but guaranteed.

In ONTRAPORT you can utilize automated two-way, personalized SMS messaging that allows you to communicate with your prospects and customers with a message that’ll always get read. Send appointment reminders, weekly tips, or service announcements to everyone on your list or just a segment. Your prospects can opt in via a web form or by sending you a text, and you can automatically reply either immediately or over time based on their response. You’ll never have a no-show again.

To learn more about SMS marketing, checkout our top 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your SMS Marketing  and download our extensive ebook Demystifying SMS.

6. Split Testing

Since its inception, split testing has become an integral part of results-based marketing. Marketers have learned to split test everything from billboards to website Landing Pages to the color of a single button — there are very few limits to what can be tested.

Split testing is the process of running experiments on two pages simultaneously and then comparing them to see which performed best. It essentially tells you if your business could be doing better and where. For example, what if by just changing the color of a button you could improve a Landing Page’s conversion rate from 10% to 20%? That means doubling your results — opt-ins, leads, sales — on just one page.  That’s a huge opportunity for your business.

“If you haven’t been split testing, you’re probably leaving money on the table.” – Landon Ray

The best part: You can split test pretty much anything! Headlines, subheaders, CTAs, forms, offers, layout, colors, etc. are all amazing elements to start testing. By knowing what appeals most to your target market, you’re able to optimize your messaging to generate more leads, increase sales, and boost your marketing effectiveness.

ONTRAPORT makes it simple to split test. From emails to Landing Pages to even postcards, you have total control over what you test and can go on to optimize your marketing collateral so that it generates the most leads and sales. To learn more about split testing, check out our extensive guide Data Driven Split Testing.

7. ONTRApages WordPress Integration

WordPress is the largest and most popular CMS platform on the market. According to Expanded Ramblings:

  • 76.5 million sites depend on WordPress
  • WordPress.com gets more unique visitors than Amazon (US)
  • 26% of all websites globally depend use WordPress
  • Over 2.5 billion posts have been published on WordPress

While WordPress is no-doubt an awesome blogging, web publishing, and membership platform, it isn’t a flexible, easy Landing Page builder. For example, if you need to create a fully mobile-responsive lead capture page or sales page to your exact specifications, it can be quite painful to do in WordPress. So unless you’re a talented web developer, WordPress probably isn’t your tool of choice.

However, our new ONTRApages for WordPress Plugin fixes that.

It marries the perks of both ONTRApages and WordPress, allowing you to build professional, branded Landing Pages in our easy-to-use ONTRApages software and then host them on your WordPress site — all in a few, simple steps.


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