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Use the following resources to put your ideas from this issue of Modern Ontrapreneur into action.

Build your own web apps with Dynamic CMS

Feeling inspired after reading “What is a web app?” on page 18? Watch our Ontraport University course for step-by-step instructions on creating apps of your own.
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Implement the 3 building blocks of a web app

Once you’ve read “The 3 building blocks of a web app” on page 39, use these resources to put your ideas into action:
Learn how to set up custom objects ▸
Find out how to publish dynamic content ▸
See steps for building dynamic blocks ▸

Watch Matt’s live app building session

See how Matt Kostan and Ontraport CEO and Founder Landon Ray built the travel retail business web app in the article “Bringing their vision to life” on page 45.
Watch it here ▸

Watch David’s live app building session

In “Bringing their vision to life” (page 49), you read about the web app David built that matches his clients with the right injury recovery program. Now, watch David and Landon set it up, step by step, in this live app building session.
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Build your blog from scratch in Ontraport

As you read through the “5 steps to building a blog in Ontraport” on page 51, use these Support Center articles to guide you as you build along:
Create custom object records for your blog posts ▸
Make a dynamic template for your blog posts ▸
Create blog categories with dynamic blocks ▸

Or, launch your blog in minutes 

Ready to bring your dream blog to life after reading “5 steps to building a blog in Ontraport” on page 55 but don’t want to start from scratch? Skip the setup and launch in minutes with our prebuilt blog app.
Launch a premade blog from the App Marketplace ▸

Build your courses from scratch in Ontraport

Read “5 steps to creating a course in Ontraport” on page 60, and use these Support Center articles to help you get started:
Learn more about dynamic pages ▸
See how you can use different dynamic page types ▸

Or, launch your course in minutes

Inspired by “5 steps to creating a course in Ontraport” but not ready to take on building your course from scratch? Here’s more info about the prebuilt course template we talked about on page 61.
Launch a premade course from the App Marketplace ▸

Get the skills to build any web app you dream up

Ready to dive into Ontraport’s Dynamic Content Management System (CMS)? Here’s how to access the free Ontraport University courses on page 76:

What is a web application?

Learn exactly what makes a web application different from a website so you can start imagining the possibilities for your own.
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The 5 functions of a web app

Dig into the five key functions common to web apps and how to handle them using Ontraport. Get ready to draft ideas for what your app will do.
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Dynamic pages

Create a dynamic page by designing a dynamic template which uses data from your records to create new pages automatically.
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In the App Marketplace

Looking to launch your web apps fast after learning about our new App Marketplace on page 19? These done-for-you apps are officially in your account, ready to customize and launch:

✍️ Blogs
📚 Courses and Lessons
💬 Forums
📅 Virtual Events
✔️ Surveys
💸 Deals and Companies
🔥 And more coming soon!

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