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Use the following articles to convert your Modern Ontrapreneur inspiration into action.

Using the Trends dashboard

Learn how to analyze your business data in “See your data visually with Trends” on page 6, and use these tips to put it all into action in your account.

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Set up and track UTMs

Learn how to use UTMs to collect first-party data about where your leads and sales are coming from as you follow along with “Apple crushed Facebook’s ad tracking. Now what?” on page 16.

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Set up your Facebook Conversions API integration

When you’re ready to set up your integration with Facebook’s Conversions API from page 16, use these resources to get started.

  • Follow along with this video tutorial from our CEO and Founder, Landon Ray, to configure your integration. You can learn how to find your Facebook pixel ID here and how to get your Facebook access token here.
  • Get Landon’s advice on what kinds of data points to share with Facebook and how to do it in Ontraport.
  • If you have questions along the way, check out this Facebook User Community post. Here, you can see questions and tips from fellow users, and add any questions or tips you may have.
  • Want to see the original webinar where Landon explains Apple’s iOS14.5 release and how it affects you? Watch it here.

Set up Deep Funnel Conversion Tracking with Facebook

You might wonder what’s next after you read “Apple crushed Facebook’s ad tracking. Now what?” on page 16. Use this article to learn how to optimize your Facebook ads based on events deeper in your funnel.

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Add contacts to Facebook custom audiences

Feeling inspired by the retargeting article on page 20? Here’s how you can use Ontraport’s built-in Facebook integration to automatically create custom audiences.

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Get to know Ontraport’s new mobile app

Want to learn more about our new Ontraport mobile app on page 48? Use these resources to see how to use it in your business.

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In the Systems library

Setup Wizards Library
Browse our collection of prebuilt systems to learn more about the Setup Wizards from page 40 — and all the other done-for-you systems available in your account.

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Membership Starter Kit
Get your entire membership site up and running in record time with the same prebuilt system Molly Ola Pinney used in “Thriving through the pandemic” on page 34.

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