Ontraport’s integration with Facebook Custom Audiences enables you to use Ontraport to add contacts to and remove them from your Facebook Custom Audiences. To use this integration, you’ll need an Ontraport Plus account or above and a free Facebook Business Manager or Ads Manager Account with Custom Audiences set up.

Add Contacts to or Remove Them From Facebook Using an Automated Campaign

This is the best way to add contacts to a Facebook Custom Audience because you can add the automated step into your campaign instead of having to manually do it for every contact.

  • Set up your Facebook Custom Audiences integration.
  • Select an existing campaign or create a new one by clicking Contacts → Campaigns → .
  • In the area of your campaign where you’d like to place your Facebook Custom Audience element, click What Happens Next  → Advanced → Add New Item → Facebook Custom Audiences.
  • In the element settings on the left, choose whether you want to add or remove contacts and select the Facebook Custom Audiences to be used. You can choose as many as you want.
  • Click Done button.
  • Finish adding any other elements you would like on this campaign, and add End elements at the end of your line(s) of automation.
  • Click Publish button.

Add to or Remove Contacts From Facebook Audiences Manually

You can also manually add or remove contacts to and from Facebook Custom Audiences using a group action.

  • In Contacts, select the contacts that you would like to add to your Custom Audience and click .
  • Select “Add” or “Remove” from the dropdown to manually move contacts into or out of your Custom Audience.

Use Case

Add leads who abandon your shopping cart to a Facebook Custom Audience so you can show them targeted ads on Facebook. Here’s how:

Begin a campaign with a trigger for Landing Page is Visited, and select your sales page from the dropdown. Click What happens next? element below your trigger and from the Add New Item dialog click Goal → → Purchases a Product → select your product for sale on your page.

Click  above your goal, set the wait to “some time passes,” and select one hour. Then if a contact visits your sales page and does not purchase your product within an hour, you can send an email to follow up on the abandoned purchase.

In addition, you can add a Facebook Custom Audience element to your campaign using the path for contacts who did not purchase in one hour. As you already know that these contacts are likely interested in your product, you can use Facebook Custom Audiences to target them.