Life 2.0: How Becoming an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant Changed One Woman’s Life

Life 2.0: How Becoming an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant Changed One Woman’s Life

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It didn’t take long for Erin Williams to figure out that she’d stumbled upon the Pot of Gold. She’d been working 9-to-5 in a fulfilling job, but something was still missing.  Her free time was limited, and her future was unclear.  That all changed when Erin became an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant.

“That was when the light bulb went off,” says Erin. “I can do what I do as an ‘employee’ on my own, as a business owner, and have my own clients. That was June, 2014.  A year later I left my full-time job to start Erin Williams Consulting, as a marketing automation consultant and, as they say, I’ve never looked back.”



Now, ten months after leaving her job and starting her own business, Erin is in control of her life, landing new clients, keeping current clients happy, and busily preparing for a privileged future.

I sat down with Erin to find out more about her challenges, successes, and plans for the future.

ONTRAPORT: Tell Us About Your Life as an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant

Erin: My life since becoming an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant is filled with possibility, flexibility and freedom. I left my full time job ten months ago. I had obtained my ONTRAPORT Certification one year prior to leaving my full time job. When it was time to make the leap, of course I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to find clients and get enough work to pay my bills. Ten months later I am turning away business because my schedule is so full and I have never had more support or flexibility in my life.

The ONTRAPORT Customer Support team is outstanding and is there to help you through anything that a client might throw your way. The community of other Certified Consultants is mind blowing. Everyone is there to help each other and answer questions. It isn’t competitive or cut throat; it is loving and friendly.

ONTRAPORT: When did things really start to change for you?

Erin: I worked as Director of Operations for Health Coach Institute. Since we were using ONTRAPORT, I attended the ONTRAPORT Certification Program in order to become an expert.

It is funny because before the training I was wondering, “What really is marketing automation?” I had only known it in the context of my job but not as a bigger entity. I was crazy nervous, but it was a wonderful experience. It was my first work-related event on my own.  There I was in Santa Barbara, meeting new people and putting myself out there. It was really cool and it was eye-opening as an ‘employee’ to see what people were doing as consultants on their own, in their own business.

That was when the light bulb went off.  I can do what I do as an employee on my own, as a business owner, and have my own clients. That was June, 2014. A year later I left my full-time job to start Erin Williams Consulting, as a marketing automation consultant.

ONTRAPORT: Were you afraid to take the leap?

Erin: Yes, definitely! It took me a while to make the decision. June, 2015 was when I told my employer that I was leaving; they were very supportive! I worked part-time for two months before going full-time on my own, in August 2015. As someone who’s about to start their own business, you look at it through rose-colored glasses. You kind of have an idea of what it’s going to be like, what your day-to-day will look like and how much money you are going to make. But once you get into it…it turns out to be a little bit different.

I’m on month 10 now. The first two months were pretty terrifying, even though I already had three clients lined up. The big shift for me was when I was listed on the ONTRAPORT Certified Consultants page.  It was then that clients started to come my way. That was a big deal.   

ONTRAPORT: How are things going now? Ten months into it… do you have your rhythm? What are you doing differently now to get new customers?

Erin: I definitely have more rhythm and flow than I did in month one and two. Life as an entrepreneur is always learning and growing, and there is always that kind of sense of instability. You take life as it is, and that’s the beauty of it, the excitement of it.

What’s different now is that I have really honed in on how I want to work with clients…that was a big topic that I had to get clear on. Now, I’m working with clients on a retainer basis as opposed to a project basis. Now clients sign-up with me to work a certain number of hours per month, with a minimum monthly engagement.

What’s different now is that I’m confident in my pricing and what I can offer to clients. I stand on my own values and I realize what ONTRAPORT can do for small businesses and what someone who is ONTRAPORT Certified can offer them —  and change for them — in their businesses. I can help them step out of the day-to-day tasks and the manual emailing and step into their genius zone, writing content, reaching out to their potential clients, and sharing their message and program with the world.

Once I realized how profound someone’s business can change with the right ONTRAPORT implementation, my confidence increased; that confidence attracts the people who are ready to work with me.  

ONTRAPORT: The ONTRAPORT way is “Better Business, Better Life.” Do you feel like you are achieving that as well?

Erin: What I offer is overall business strategy by utilizing — and implementing — all the features of ONTRAPORT for my clients’ businesses.  That in turn relates directly to having a better business because their businesses now run automatically without them having to manually follow up or keep track of contacts they talked to last month and forgot to follow up with this month.

When their business is running and the follow-up is happening and the automation is running without a hitch, they are able to spend more time doing things they love — hobbies they like — instead of sending 60 manual emails to follow up with people who opted in to their contact form on their website.

For me, the big change was when I signed up to walk-my-talk, if you will. I decided the investment per month for ONTRAPORT is worth it because I can’t help people automate their business if I’m not doing the same for my own.  The freedom I feel knowing that everyone who opts in on my form will be automatically followed up with is such a relief. That relief is worth the monthly price for sure.

ONTRAPORT: It sounds like you have your pulse on the small business owner and entrepreneur. What gaps are you seeing?

Erin: The number one frustration I see is with implementation. For a new business owner who’s making the switch to ONTRAPORT, or perhaps they are just starting out, they need a little hand-holding; they need to get up-and-running without having to put in 20 hours of self-learning on ONTRAPORT.  That’s where Certified Consultants come in.

There are also those clients who have been with ONTRAPORT for a couple of years but aren’t using all the features. They are coming to me saying, “I want to use all the features, to build sequences, to automate, to do it all.” Implementation is a huge factor.

That goes hand-in-hand with content producing. People are getting pulled from content creation — the content they need to sell their products and services.  It’s their business, their vision and their message, so the content is where they need to be spending their time and putting their focus. But without automation, they have no time to create content.

ONTRAPORT: How do your clients find you?

Erin: Through the ONTRAPORT Certified Consultants page, the Facebook Consultant Community, word of mouth, and referral.  A few, upon finding me, say,  “Oh my god I didn’t even know people did this!”

ONTRAPORT:  What’s next for you? How is 2016 shaping up?

Erin: Building my team, that’s what’s next. This summer I’ll be preparing the foundation to go to the next level. What that looks like to me is some help and more content such as ONTRAPORT tips, solutions, and more hacks.

I also want to create a program that is accessible to the masses instead of only as a benefit by working one-on-one with me. What that looks like in the end is something along the lines of a video series or an online program, something to let people know about ONTRAPORT so that they can experience all the benefits of automating their business.

ONTRAPORT: Any last thoughts?

Erin: I’m so passionate about people knowing how to use ONTRAPORT because I know the results on your business and your life are immense, and I want to spread that word.

The opportunity you provide to ONTRAPORT Certified Consultants is a true gift, and I am eternally grateful. I appreciate all that the ONTRAPORT team does and all that ONTRAPORT is.

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