Most businesses use their CRM platforms to store their customer information and segment their customers for targeted marketing and follow-up. But these days, CRMs offer so much more — especially when your marketing automation and assets are all tied together seamlessly into your CRM platform.

An all-in-one CRM stretches beyond being a simple contact data base and becomes the foundation from which all your marketing automation and all communication with your leads and customers begins.

In addition to dynamically segmenting your leads and customers and assigning them to email marketing campaigns, your all-in-one CRM platform can power segmented SMS marketing campaigns, fuel follow-up to cold leads or cart abandoners, manage credit card declines and even automatically survey your customers.

If you’ve invested in a CRM platform, check out the five capabilities below that you can implement to be sure you’re using your investment to its full potential.

Cold Lead Re-engagement Campaigns

A good portion of leads who enter your sales funnel aren’t ready to commit to a purchase and may not be for some time. After expressing interest in your business by filling out a form on your website or opting in to your list through some other medium, a good portion of your leads will drop off in engagement over time, resulting in inactive leads. Disengaged leads are more likely to feel indifference toward your brand and, therefore, become vulnerable to competitors.

Using your CRM and marketing automation platform, you can launch a lead re-engagement campaign that automatically identifies your cold leads and gradually re-engages them through a series of personalized, nurturing emails. Your CRM can detect when a contact hasn’t visited your website, bought from you, clicked on your content or engaged with you in other ways after a certain period of time. Targeted to appropriate segments of your list, cold-lead nurturing ensures that you stay top-of-mind with your leads, pulling them back into your sales funnel with content marketing and other strategic calls to action until they’re ready to buy.

Credit Card Decline Management

When a customer’s credit card declines during the initial purchase or subsequent payment, your CRM can handle the necessary follow-up. You can program your system to automatically send emails explaining the decline, assign tasks for your team to reach out with a phone call, or suspend or remove access if you have a membership site.

Implementing a card expiration/decline follow-up process into your CRM and payment management system not only saves you time and hassle of managing it manually, but it also can keep you from potentially large revenue loss.

Cart Abandonment

Some leads will leave your order form or abandon their shopping cart on your site. Your CRM and marketing automation platform can then trigger follow-up email reminders to those leads to encourage them to come back and purchase the items. The emails may include a discount or downsell offer to entice them to either buy the same product at a reduced cost or buy a different, but related, item.

Alternatively, if your CRM is integrated with Facebook Ad retargeting, you could set up your system to automatically show ads for the abandoned product to the prospect on Facebook.


A survey is used to garner feedback with the goal to obtain testimonials or other valuable insights about your business from the perspective of your leads or customers. While it’s possible to reach out to your list one-by-one via email, as your business grows, that will become expensive and time-consuming.

An automated customer feedback survey created within your robust CRM solves this problem. It opens a direct line of communication with your customers at scale using an email asking them to click to fill out a survey, which takes them to a landing page with a survey form. The results of your survey are then easily accessible through your CRM.

By understanding exactly what your customers like and dislike about your product or service, you can begin to make improvements to better meet the needs of your customers — and attract new customers. You can also use the positive feedback as testimonials not only on your homepage or sales pages, but also on social media, paid ads or even to help boost your SEO.  

SMS Marketing

Though SMS text marketing is far from uncharted marketing territory, it’s neglected far too often in favor of social media or email marketing. Businesses can send coupon codes, appointment reminders and thank you messages, host contests, send special offer, and more all by means of automation with your CRM.

Many businesses are hesitant to begin using SMS because they believe it’s too expensive, can’t be personalized, or can’t be tracked. However, if your CRM stores your customers’ mobile phone numbers and you’ve received their permission to send them messages, you can create an automated series of text messages, targeted by audience, and track their activity the same way you would with an email marketing campaign.

These are just some of the ways you can use your CRM to further reach and engage with your leads and customers to improve their experience and your bottom line.

5 Ways to Get More From Your CRM
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5 Ways to Get More From Your CRM
CRM tools boost ROI and overall efficiency by automating processes. Here are the top 5 underutilized functions of a CRM that can move your business forward.
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